May 1956 (view details)

5/1The Proud Ones

September 1956 (view details)

9/21The Last Wagon

Undetermined 1956 Releases

  23 Paces to Baker Street
  An Actress
  Alaska Lifeboat
  Alexander the Great
  Alias John Preston
  The Animal World
  Anything Goes
  Around the World in 80 Days
  Autum Leaves
  Back from Eternity
  Bad Blood
  The Bad Seed
  Barbary-Coast Bunny
  Battle Stations
  The Benny Goodman Story
  Between Heaven And Hell
  Bhowani Junction
  Bigger Than Life
  The Black Sleep
  The Black Tent
  The Blonde Witch (La sorciere)
  Bold Adventure (Les aventures de Till L'Espiegle)
  The Bottom of the Bottle
  The Brave One
  Bravo Alfa
  The Burmese Harp
  The Burning Hills
  Bus Stop
  The Case Of The Mukkinese Battlehorn
  The Catered Affair
  Child in the House
  Citta Di Notte
  The Cockleshell Heroes
  Come Next Spring
  The Conqueror
  A Cowboy Needs a Horse
  The Creature Walks Among Us
  Crime in the Streets
  A Cry in the Night
  Curucu, Beast of the Amazon
  Darkness at Midnight
  Davy Crockett and the River Pirates
  A Day Of Fury
  Day the World Ended
  Death Of A Scoundrel
  Defend My Love (Difendo il mio amore)
  The Depraved
  The Desperados Are In Town
  Die Halbstarken
  Dollaria kai Oneira
  Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
  The Eddy Duchin Story
  Edge of Hell
  Elena and Her Men (Elena et les hommes)
  Eugénie Grandet
  Everything But The Truth
  The Fastest Gun Alive
  The First Traveling Saleslady
  Flame of the Islands
  Forbidden Planet
  Forever, Darling
  The Fortune Teller
  Four Girls In Town
  Francis In The Haunted House
  Friendly Persuasion
  Frontier Scout
  Fun at St. Fanny's
  The Gentle Touch
  Gin Shinju
  Girls in Prison
  Godzilla, King of the Monsters!
  The Great American Pastime
  The Great Man
  Gun Brothers
  Half-Fare Hare
  Happiness Is Under That Star
  The Harder They Fall
  Helen Of Troy
  Hell In Korea (A Hill In Korea)
  Hell On Frisco Bay
  Hey, Jeannie
  Hi no tori
  The High and the Flighty
  High Society
  Hilda Crane
  Hold Back the Night
  Hot Cars
  The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  I've Lived Before
  In the Bag
  The Intimate Stranger
  Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  Invitation to the Dance
  The Iron Petticoat
  It Conquered the World
  It's a Wonderful World
  It's Never Too Late
  Johnny Concho
  Kentucky Rifle
  The Killing
  The King and Four Queens
  The King and I
  La Rue chinoise
  The Last Hunt
  Le Grand Silence
  Le Theatre National Populaire
  The Lieutenant Wore Skirts
  Locura Pasional
  The Lone Ranger
  Los Tallos Amargos
  Lust For Life
  Man from Del Rio
  The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit
  Man Of Africa
  The Man Who Knew Too Much
  The Man Who Never Was
  Marche francaise
  Marta Ferrari
  The Maverick Queen
  Miami Expose
  Miracle In The Rain
  Moby Dick
  The Mole People
  The Monte Carlo Story (Montecarlo)
  The Most Wonderful Movement
  The Mountain
  The Mystery of Picasso (Le mystère Picasso)
  Napoleon Bunny-Part
  Navy Wife
  ...And God Created Woman
  Noi Siamo le Colonne
  Notre Dame de Paris
  O Drakos
  O Ziliarogatos
  The Oklahoma Woman
  On Such a Night
  On the Threshold of Space
  Oni Daiko
  The Ostrich Egg and I
  Pacific Destiny
  The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues
  Pharaoh's Curse
  Plucking the Daisy (En effeuillant la Marguerite)
  Port Afrique
  Portrait In Smoke
  The Power and the Prize
  Private's Progress
  The Proud And The Profane
  The Rack
  Raini Night Duel
  The Rainmaker
  Raw Edge
  Raw! Raw! Rooster!
  Reach For The Sky
  Rebel in Town
  Red Sundown
  The Revolt Of Mamie Stover
  Rock Pretty Baby
  Rodan, The Flying Monster
  The Rose Tattoo
  Run for the Sun
  Running Target
  Satellite in the Sky
  Scandal, Inc.
  The Scarlet Hours
  The Searchers
  Secret of Treasure Mountain
  Secrets of Life
  Sette canzoni per sette sorelle
  Seven Wonders of the World
  The Sharkfighters
  The She-Creature
  Shi no Jûjiro
  The Silent World (Le monde du silence)
  Sissi: The Young Empress (Sissi - Die junge Kaiserin)
  The Slap-Hoppy Mouse
  The Solid Gold Cadillac
  Somebody Up There Likes Me
  The Steel Jungle
  Storm Fear
  Stupor Duck
  Sur l'Arroyo
  Sur Le Pont D'Avignon
  The Swan
  Tea and Sympathy
  Teenage Rebel
  The Ten Commandments
  Tension At Table Rock
  There They Go-Go-Go!
  There's Always Tomorrow
  These Wilder Years
  Three Brave Men
  To Tell the Truth
  The Toy Tiger
  Tribute to a Bad Man
  True as a Turtle
  Tu enfanteras sans douleur
  Two-Gun Lady
  The Unexpected Pest
  The Unguarded Moment
  Unidentified Flying Objects
  The Vagabond King
  Vampire Moth
  Walk Into Paradise
  Walk the Proud Land
  The Wanderers
  War and Peace
  Westward Ho the Wagons!
  When the Rain Lifts
  The White Squaw
  Wideo Wabbit
  Williamsburg: The Story Of A Patriot
  A Woman's Devotion
  World in My Corner
  World Without End
  Written on the Wind
  The Wrong Man
  X the Unknown

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