April 1969 (view details)

4/29Hell's Belles

September 1969 (view details)

TBDBob & Carol & Ted & Alice

December 1969 (view details)

Under the Mountain

Undetermined 1969 Releases

  ...E intorno a lui fu morte (Death Knows No Time)
  100 Rifles
  2000 Years Later
  A Wrong Way to Love (Amarsi male)
  Acts of the Apostles
  Adalen 31
  Addio Alexandra
  The Adventurers
  Age of Consent
  Alice's Restaurant
  All Monsters Attack
  Amor y Medias
  Androides Inc.
  Anne of a Thousand Days
  Any Second Now
  The Appointment
  The April Fools
  Army of Shadows (L'Armee des Ombres)
  The Arrangement
  The Assassination Bureau
  The Awful Story Of The Nun Of Monza
  The Ballad of Andy Crocker
  Battle of Britain
  The Battle of El Alamein (La battaglia di El Alamein)
  Battle of Neretva
  The Battle of the Last Panzer (La Battaglia Dell'Ultimo Panzer)
  The Bed Sitting Room
  Before Winter Comes
  Boruneo taisho: Akamichi ni tokero
  A Boy Named Charlie Brown
  The Brain
  Breve Cielo
  The Bridge At Remagen
  A Bullet for Sandoval (Quei disperati che puzzano di sudore e di morte / Los desesperados)
  Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
  Cactus Flower
  Call Me Mathilde
  Candidate Per Un Assassino
  Captain Nemo and the Underwater City
  Carnal Circuit (Femmine insaziabili)
  Castle Keep
  The Castle Of Fu Manchu
  The Chairman
  Change of Habit
  Change of Mind
  The Christmas Tree
  Colpo grosso a Porto Said (Agguato sul Bosforo)
  The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
  The Conspiracy of Torture
  The Conspirators (Nell'anno del Signore)
  Coup D'Etat (Colpo di stato)
  The Creative Impulse
  The Criminal Who Stole a Crime
  The Cut-Throats
  The Cycle Savages
  Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
  Dai Nippon suri washûdan
  Deadly Sanctuary (Justine, ovvero le disavventure della virtu / Justine / Marquis de Sade: Justine)
  Death of a Gunfighter
  Death on High Mountain
  Destiny of a Spy
  Detective Belli (Un detective)
  The Devil by the Tail
  The Devil's 8
  Devil's Temple
  The Doll
  Don't Drink the Water
  Dossier Prostitution
  Double Suicide
  Downhill Racer
  Dr. Fabian: Laughing is the Best Medicine
  A Dream of Kings
  Easy Rider
  Eat It (Mangiala)
  Ein Abend zu Zweit
  The Erasers
  Eye Of The Cat
  Eyes Full of Sun
  The Fantastic Plastic Machine
  Fear No Evil
  The First Charge of the Machete
  Follow Me
  Forgotten Pistolero (Il Pistolero dell'ave Maria)
  Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
  Futari no koibito
  Gaily, Gaily
  Gangster's Law (La legge dei gangsters)
  The Gay Deceivers
  Bridge Over the Elbe (Quel maledetto ponte sull'Elba)
  The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
  Goodbye Columbus
  Goodbye, Mr. Chips
  Gott Mit Uns (The Last Five Days Of Peace)
  The Great Bank Robbery
  Guns of the Magnificent Seven
  The Guru
  The Gypsy Moths
  Hail, Hero!
  Hannibal Brooks
  The Happy Ending
  Hard Contract
  Harold Robbins' The Survivors
  Heaven With a Gun
  Hell Commandos (Sette Eroiche Carogne)
  Help Me, My Love (Amore mio aiutami)
  Horton Hears a Who
  The House Near the Prado
  HWY: An American Pastoral
  I due Kennedy
  Il cavaliere inesistente
  Il diario proibito di Fanny
  Il prof. Dott. Guido Tersilli, primario della clinica Villa Celeste convenzionata con le mutue
  Il Ragazzo Che Sorride
  Il terrible ispettore
  The Illustrated Man
  The Immortal
  In Search of Gregory
  In the Name of the Father
  Infanzia, vocazione e prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova veneziano
  Inghilterra nuda (Naked England)
  Injun Trouble
  The Invisible Woman (La donna invisibile)
  Invocation of My Demon Brother
  Island of Crime (Sequestro di persona)
  It's Tough to Be a Bird
  The Italian Job
  Jacquou le Croquant
  John and Mary
  Joniko and the Kush Ta Ta
  Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
  Krakatoa, East of Java
  L'Alibi (Alibi)
  L'assoluto naturale (He And She)
  La Fiaca
  La Notte Dei Serpenti
  La Provocation
  La Stagione Dei Sensi
  The Lady of Monza (La monaca di Monza)
  The Last Shot You Hear
  Last Summer
  Latitude Zero
  The Laughing Woman (Femina ridens / The Frightened Woman)
  Le altre
  Le lys de mer (Violentata sulla sabbia)
  Le Sorelle
  Legge della violenza - Tutti o nessumo (Law of Violence)
  Les Eaux Mêlées
  The Letter
  Life Love Death
  Lock Up Your Daughters!
  Loneliness for Two
  The Lonely Profession
  Long Live the Revolution
  The Looking Glass War
  The Losers
  Lost Flight
  The Lost Man
  Love Birds - Una strana voglia d'amare
  The Love God?
  Love Is a Funny Thing (Un homme qui me plait)
  Mackenna's Gold
  The Mad Room
  The Madwoman of Chaillot
  The Magic Christian
  The Maltese Bippy
  A Man for Emmanuelle (Io, Emmanuelle)
  Man With an Apartment
  Margo Sheli
  Me, Natalie
  Medium Cool
  The Mercenary
  Metti Una Sera A Cena (Love Circle) (One Night at Dinner)
  Michael Kohlhaas: Der Rebell
  Midas Run
  Midnight Cowboy
  The Minx
  Mississippi Mermaid (La sirene du Mississipi)
  Mito komon
  Moon Zero Two
  Mosquito Squadron
  Mr. Freedom
  Ms. Stileto (Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli)
  Murder by Music (I caldi amori di una minorenne / Las trompetas del apocalipsis / Perversion Story)
  My Side of the Mountain
  Naked Violence (I ragazzi del massacro)
  The Neighbours
  Néstor No Corre
  A Nice Girl Like Me
  The Night of Counting the Years
  Nihonkai daikaisen
  Number One
  The Oblong Box
  Of Men and Demons
  On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  Only the Dead Can Answer
  Out Of It
  The Over-The-Hill Gang
  P. and O.
  Paint Your Wagon
  Paranoia (Orgasmo)
  Paris Does Not Exist ( Paris n’existe pas)
  Pensiero d'amore
  The Picasso Summer
  The Pier
  The Pigeon
  Pigpen (Porcile)
  The Pleasure Pit (Les Chemins de Katmandou)
  Poppea's Hot Nights
  The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  Probability Zero (Probabilita' Zero)
  The Rage Within (Delitto al circolo del tennis)
  The Rain People
  The Reckoning
  The Red and the Gold
  Regina Maris
  The Reivers
  Rider in the Rain
  The Ring of Bright Water
  Rote Sonne
  Run, Angel, Run
  Sabata (Ehi Amico... C'e Sabata, Hai Chiuso!)
  Safari 5000 (Eiko e no 5,000 kiro)
  Sai cosa faceva Stalin alle donne? (What Did Stalin Do to Women?)
  Scratch Harry
  The Secret of Africa
  The Secret Of Santa Vittoria
  The Seven Red Berets (Sette baschi rossi)
  Sex and the Animals
  Shirikurae Magoichi
  The Sicilian Clan (Le clan des Siciliens)
  Silent Night, Lonely Night
  Simon Bolivar
  Sinful Davey
  Sky Scraper!
  So Sweet... So Perverse (Cosi dolce... cosi perversa)
  Some Kind Of A Nut
  Some Will, Some Won't
  Sophie's Place (Crooks And Coronets)
  Sotto il segno dello scorpione
  Spirits of the Dead (Histories Extraordinaries): Metzengerstein, William Wilson & Toby Dammit
  The Sterile Cuckoo
  The Stewardesses
  The Structure of Crystal
  Support Your Local Sheriff!
  Surabaya Conspiracy
  Take The Money And Run
  Tango Argentino
  Taste of Vengeance (I vigliacchi non pregano)
  Tell Them Willie Boy Was Here
  Testa o croce (Heads or Tails / Force of Evil)
  That Cold Day In The Park
  That Splendid November (Un bellissimo novembre)
  The Swimming Pool (La Piscine)
  They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
  This Savage Land
  Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies (Monte Carlo or Bust!)
  Three Into Two Won't Go
  Togli le Gambe dal Parabrezza
  Toh, e morta la nonna!
  Top Sensation (The Seducers)
  True Grit
  Twisted Nerve
  Two Gentlemen Sharing
  Un posto all'inferno (A Place in Hell / Raiders of the Bloody Beach)
  Una Breve Stagione
  Una Su Tredici (12+1)
  The Undefeated
  Under the Banner of Samurai
  Une Veuve en Or
  The Valley of Gwangi
  The Violent Enemy
  The Virgin Soldiers
  Vita segreta di una diciottenne
  Vivi o, preferibilmente, morti (Alive or Preferably Dead)
  Vstrecha u Staroj Mecheti
  Waga koi waga uta
  Wakamono wa yuku
  Wake Me When the War Is Over
  A Walk with Love and Death
  War Devils (I diavoli della guerra)
  Whatever Happened to Aunt Alice
  Where Eagles Dare
  Where's Jack?
  The Whole World Is Watching
  The Wild Bunch
  The Witchmaker
  Woman on Fire (Brucia, ragazzo, brucia)
  Women in Love
  The Wrecking Crew
  You're Putting Me On
  Youth March (Giovinezza giovinezza)

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