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Adios Gringo

Adios Gringo

DigitSoundtracks (DGST018)

Release Date: June 27, 2016

Conducted by Benedetto Ghiglia

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Adios (coro e percussioni) 1:29
2. Adios (armonica e chitarra) 1:25
3. Wanted 2:11
4. ADIOS triste 2:29
5. Adios (valsesito) 1:29
6. El suplicio 2:07
7. Adios (coro e czimbalon) 1:38
8. Adios (bossa nova) 1:58
9. Adios 2:24
10. Wanted (orchestra e coro) 1:38
11. Adios (chitarre e armoniche) 3:37
12. Wanted (orchestra) 1:36
13. Adios (saltarello per czimbalon e orchestra) 2:22
14. Adios (complesso di armoniche) 2:09
15. Rancheros 1:49
16. Wanted 1:15
17. BONUS TRACKS: Gringo (vocal) 2:23
18. Rancheros 1:55
19. Adios (saltarello per czimbalon e orchestra) 1:51
20. Gringo (alternate vocal) 2:52
21. Adios Gringo (saloon) 0:47
22. Adios Gringo (coro) 1:08
23. Rancheros 4:25
24. Adios Gringo (coro) 0:25
25. Adios (coro e percussioni) 1:31
26. Rancheros 3:21
27. Wanted 2:15
28. Rancheros 2:38
29. Gringo (base) 2:24
30. Wanted (orchestra e coro) mix stereo 1:38
31. Gringo (vocal) mix stereo 2:21
  Total Album Time: 63:30

From the Manufacturer

We are pleased to release the complete edition OST by Benedetto Ghiglia from the Spaghetti Western Adios Gringo.

Benedetto Ghiglia composed an OST where instruments such as strings are not present, creating a sound almost like the espionage style in The Ipcress File by John Barry. The sound is created by a recurring use of the Hungarian cimbalon performed by Leonida Torrebruno (the same soloist used by Ennio Morricone some time after for Bluebeard).

This soundtrack is something unique in Italian Western films thanks to the electric guitars which allude to the pop music popular at the time, as well as The Cantori Moderni (Modern Singers) chorus of Alessandroni, and the often dark sounds present. Another exceptional solo artist is Franco De Gemini who created a true orchestra of harmonics with different overlaps. There is also no lack of saloon and folk music.

C.A.M. originally released an album (CAM CDR. 33.15) with sixteen selections in mono (total time 32:15 minutes). The song "Gringo" performed by Fred Bongusto came out instead on an EP Fonit Cetra (SPF 31180). Thanks to the mono master tapes of the original recording session, we were able to discover all of the unreleased material that brings our CD to a total of 64:49 minutes. We have also included two rare stereo mixes, including the song performed by Fred Bongusto.

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