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Battlestar Galactica - Volume 1: Saga Of A Star World

Battlestar Galactica - Volume 1: Saga Of A Star World

Limited Edition of 3,000 Copies

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 154)

Release Date: February 7, 2011

Conducted by Stu Phillips

Performed by
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Theme From "Battlestar Galactica" 01:11
2. Exploration 03:36
3. Launch 01:10
4. Cylon Freighter 05:55
5. End Of The Atlantia 02:08
6. Imperious Leader 01:16
7. Destruction Of Peace 03:39
8. My God! 00:07
9. Residue Of War 04:01
10. Exodus One 01:36
11. Boxey And Serena 03:01
12. Cylon Base Ship 01:21
13. Extermination 01:33
14. Suffering 01:56
15. Cassopeia And Starbuck 01:04
16. Conspiracy Of Silence 00:16
17. Boxey's Problem 01:26
18. Uri - The Politician 00:31
19. The Death Of Baltar 00:07
20. Follow Me 00:12
21. Senseless Killing 02:58
22. Sex At Last 02:12
23. The Ready Room 01:26
24. Mines... Red Nova 02:37
25. Arrival On Carillon 00:44
26. Dark Shadows 01:34
27. Outer Space Disco 02:37
28. Captured 00:56
29. Ovion Lyre 00:45
30. Adama's Narrative 01:07
31. Galactic Rock 02:54
32. Elevator Trouble 01:09
33. Contempt 01:00
34. Missed Her Level 00:19
35. Cubit Shuffle 03:36
36. Escape From The Ovion Mines 03:52
37. Dash To The Elevator 01:07
38. Scramble To Safety 01:13
39. Red And Blue - Purple And Orange 02:42
40. Let's Go Home 01:16
41. Exploration [TV Edit With Theme] 03:39
42. Battlestar Galactica Bumper 00:12
  Total Album Time: 76:01

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From the Manufacturer

World premiere release of complete Stu Phillips soundtrack from 3-hour pilot episode of costly, spectacular Universal sci-fi series starring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch. Complete 1/2" multi-track stereo session masters survive in perfect condition in vaults at NBC Universal, including all format music (main titles, bumpers). This first volume in ambitious CD series focuses on entire pilot score, includes both original opening sequence plus post-production edited version as well as composer's lively disco source cues heard during Carillon sequence, also presented in stereo. ("Love, Love, Love" vocal was not written by Phillips and was recorded elsewhere. It is not included here due to contractual reasons.) Phillips prepared a 40-minute LP in 1978 using meld of soundtrack performances by full Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, made at 20th Century-Fox Studios Scoring Stage, plus re-recorded cues by same players at later sessions.) Intrada CD presents every cue from LAPO recording sessions, premieres wealth of previously unreleased stereo music. For some episodes of single-season show, Universal commissioned new scores, recorded at Universal Scoring Stage with orchestras ranging from roughly 20-40 players, while other episodes simply tracked existing material. Multi-track stereo session masters were retained for many newly-scored episodes with other episodes stored in pristine condition on 1/4" mono formats only. Future volumes of this exciting Intrada series will cover remaining episodes from stereo session elements when they were made plus mono session masters when those were the only recordings prepared. (TV series, of course, was produced and broadcast only in mono back in 1978-79.) Stu Phillips supervised new digital mixes at Universal and editing sessions at Intrada, producing this definitive CD presentation of his landmark and justifiably famous score. Stu Phillips conducts Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. First volume in series, released as part of Intrada Special Collection and limited to 3000 copies!

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