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Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Season One

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Season One

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 255)

Release Date: October 15, 2013

Format: CD

Track Listing

Disc 1: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Season One
1. Main Title [Version 2] (Glen A. Larson) 1:14
2. Mysterious Illness (Johnny Harris) 5:42
3. Love And Energy (Johnny Harris) 2:57
4. Uncivilized Nomads (Johnny Harris) 6:35
5. Food Conspiracy (Johnny Harris) 2:47
6. Power Leech (Johnny Harris) 2:40
7. Desert Trek (Johnny Harris) 6:01
8. Surprises (Johnny Harris) 2:33
9. Hot Escape (Johnny Harris) 3:55
10. Space Battle (Johnny Harris) 4:34
11. Argus (Stu Phillips) 1:21
12. A Big One (Stu Phillips) 2:05
13. All Systems Engaged (Stu Phillips) 1:24
14. Direct Hit (Stu Phillips) 2:57
15. Mind Games (Stu Phillips) 2:23
16. Joella (Stu Phillips) 1:35
17. Wilma Chase (Stu Phillips) 2:13
18. Uncontrolled Reactions (Stu Phillips) 1:19
19. Reversal Of Fortune (Stu Phillips) 1:02
20. Last Time (Stu Phillips) 3:06
21. Interrogation (Stu Phillips) 2:16
22. A Touch Of Death (Stu Phillips) 2:46
23. Do Your Job (Stu Phillips) 2:27
24. Chain Reaction (Stu Phillips) 1:57
25. Attempted Escape (Stu Phillips) 1:06
26. End Credits [Long] (Glen A. Larson) 0:51
  Disc Time: 69:46
Disc 2: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Season One
1. Main Title [Version 1] (Glen A. Larson) 1:14
2. Escape From The Asteroids (Johnny Harris) 2:02
3. Alicia (Johnny Harris) 2:32
4. Ungrounded (Johnny Harris) 6:03
5. Memory Globe (Johnny Harris) 1:58
6. Watch For Falling Rocks (Johnny Harris) 3:01
7. Handy Work (Johnny Harris) 1:27
8. Play Acting (Johnny Harris) 1:21
9. I'm Sorry (Johnny Harris) 2:30
10. Bombing Run (Johnny Harris) 1:57
11. Ancient Signaling Device (Johnny Harris) 0:50
12. Bombs Away (Johnny Harris) 0:50
13. Silver Eagles (Johnny Harris) 1:12
14. Falina's Abduction (Les Baxter) 2:40
15. Tangie's World (Les Baxter) 2:16
16. Welcome To Sinaloa (Les Baxter) 4:42
17. Not Your Type (Les Baxter) 0:48
18. Tangie And Buck (Les Baxter) 6:57
19. One Or Two Ways (Les Baxter) 0:47
20. Velosi's Pad (Les Baxter) 2:10
21. Kill Her (Les Baxter) 2:31
22. Buck To The Rescue (Les Baxter) 1:43
23. Goodbye Sinaloa (Les Baxter) 1:52
24. Draconian Plot (Johnny Harris) 4:06
25. Reaction Times (Johnny Harris) 4:38
26. The Switch (Johnny Harris) 3:25
27. Ardala And The Boys (Johnny Harris) 2:08
28. Objective: New Phoenix (Johnny Harris) 2:51
29. Ping Pong (Johnny Harris) 2:25
30. End Credits [Long Vocal Version] (Glen A. Larson) 0:51
  Disc Time: 73:47
Disc 3: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Season One
1. Bumper (Glen A. Larson) 0:08
2. Andromeda (Johnny Harris) 5:45
3. It's In The Music (Johnny Harris) 4:08
4. Let's Do It (Johnny Harris) 1:53
5. Prison Approach (Richard La Salle) 2:07
6. Hit The Deck (Richard La Salle) 4:31
7. Escape Into The Desert (Richard La Salle) 2:42
8. Desert Pursuit (Richard La Salle) 2:52
9. Hungry Sand Squid (Richard La Salle) 0:39
10. Well-Fed Sand Squid (Richard La Salle) 2:07
11. Sand Swirl (Richard La Salle) 2:20
12. Snooping Around (Richard La Salle) 3:31
13. Buck To The Rescue... Again (Richard La Salle) 5:18
14. End Credits (Glen A. Larson) 0:31
15. Jelly Belly (From "Awakening") (Stu Phillips) 1:28
16. Source One (From "Plot To Kill A City") (Stu Phillips) 1:31
17. Source Two (From "Plot To Kill A City") (Stu Phillips) 1:40
18. End Credits [Vocal Version] (Larson) 0:31
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

Intrada follows its series of Battlestar Galactica albums with the release of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, featuring music from a selection of season one episodes. Unlike Galactica which featured music composed exclusively by Stu Phillips, Rogers relied on a stable of different composers. While each composer has his own distinctive voice, they all shared a basic understanding that Buck is an old-fashioned hero. He is brave, generous and honorable; always quick to do what is right. He is also suave, funny and fiercely competitive.

The series' humanity and good humor needed to come through in every episode, however intense the action, however cornball the sentiment, and however outlandish the alien trappings. Music played a major role in striking that balance. The scores of Buck Rogers are exciting, funky, tender and strange—but they are never less than fun, and they never lose sight of the hero at the heart of it all.

For this volume, Intrada presents suites from the following episodes on this 3-CD set:

  • Planet of the Slave Girls (Johnny Harris)
  • The Plot to Kill a City (Stu Phillips)
  • Return of the Fighting 69th (Johnny Harris)
  • Vegas in Space (Les Baxter)
  • Aradala Returns (Johnny Harris)
  • Space Rockers (Johnny Harris)
  • Unchained Woman (Richard LaSalle)
  • The album also includes the added bonus of "Jelly Belly," a source dance cue from the pilot The Awakening that fans have been seeking for years.

    The scoring sessions were recorded directly onto three-channel stereo tape at the Universal Studios. The format music (bumper, main titles and end credits) were more elaborately recorded on full 24-track formats, however. All of these elements, both 1/2" and 2", were housed in the Universal vaults in pristine condition—with the sole exception of the second part of "The Plot to Kill a City," which was fortuitously preserved by the composer on 1/4" full-track (mono) tape.

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