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Crazy in Alabama

Crazy in Alabama

Silva Screen (SSD 1104)

Release Date: 1999

Format: CD

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Track Listing

1. Pool of Freedom - Theme from Crazy in Alabama
[previewing track]
2. These Boots Are Made For Walking - Nancy Sinatra
[previewing track]
3. Mellow Ride
[previewing track]
4. Movin' On
[previewing track]
5. Faces and Hats
[previewing track]
6. Like Little Children - Carole King
[previewing track]
7. Pool Fantasy / The Death of Taylor
[previewing track]
8. Little Miss Happiness - Burt Dache
[previewing track]
9. Nehemiah's March
[previewing track]
10. Cell Seduction
[previewing track]
11. Lucille - Little Richard
[previewing track]
12. Fame and Fortune
[previewing track]
13. One Mint Julep - Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra
[previewing track]
14. Headspin
[previewing track]
15. Theme from Bewitched - City of Prague Big Band
[previewing track]
16. The Golden Gate
[previewing track]
17. Freedom (Pee Joe's Waltz)
[previewing track]
18. Crazy in Alabama - End Tiles
[previewing track]
19. We Shall Overcome -Sybil
[previewing track]
  Total Album Time: 47:02

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Review: Crazy in Alabama

by Dan Goldwasser November 22, 1999
3.5 / 5 Stars

Crazy in Alabama was Antonio Banderas' directorial debut, and for his first film, he chose the man behind the music of the "X-Files", Mark Snow. Most people, when they hear of Mark Snow, instinctively expect his music to be the very atmospheric, creepy synth music that he provides for us most Sunday evenings. But there is quite a different side to Mark Snow's work, as showcased in "The Snow Files", released earlier this year by Sonic Images. Silva Screen Records has released his orchestral score to Crazy in Alabama, and it shows once again that Snow can do more than atmosphere.

The main theme from the film shows up many times in the score, and in the first cue, "Pool of Freedom", it starts out as a piano solo but then receives backing by strings. The theme itself is a very relaxed sentimental melody with a slight southern edge to it. There are many tracks of varying styles. "Mellow Ride" is a rather, well, mellow tune featuring a harmonica and guitar. "Movin' On" is a blues piece, while "Faces and Hats" is a jazz number. "Cell Seduction" is a slinky lounge piece with a great bass line, and "Headspin" is a rather quirky piece that starts out slowly, but then hits a breakneck pace towards the end. There are also the more traditional dramatic cues, such as "Pool Fantasy / The Death of Taylor", and "Fame and Fortune".

But the one cue which really stood out for me was "The Golden Gate", which had a rather nice sentimental dramatic quality to it, but then went almost dreamlike, with half-note changes, and then becomes much darker in tone - certainly a powerful cue, when you hear it. The "End Titles" also recap the themes heard in the film, and re-enforced my belief that this is a well done theme.

Also included on the album are a few of the songs from the film, including Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots Are Made For Walking", Little Richard's "Lucille", and others. These are interspersed throughout the score, and it provides a nice detour every so often - they certainly don't break the flow of the album and fit right in. A "bonus track", Sybil's rendition of "We Shall Overcome" is also included, and makes a nice ending to this rather well done album. Crazy in Alabama wasn't a huge box office success, but that shouldn't stop you from picking up this album.

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