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Five Days From Home

Five Days From Home

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 240)

Release Date: April 15, 2013

Conducted by Bill Conti

Formats: CD, Digital

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Track Listing

1. Theme 3:20
2. I Could With Your Love (Vocal By De Etta Metoyer & Nelson Pigford) 3:24
3. Come With Me Now (Love Theme) 2:08
4. Lighting Into Town 4:42
5. Motel No. 1 4:09
6. Fiddle-Diddle 2:15
7. This House Has Never Known Such Love 2:05
8. Five Days From Home (Theme) 4:43
9. Come With Me Now (Love Theme) 3:30
10. The Bridge 2:37
11. Motel No. 2 2:59
12. This House Has Never Known Such Love [Vocal By De Etta Metoyer] 3:07
13. The Dump 2:01
14. The First Tango From Texas 1:50
15. The Last Desperate Steps 2:46
16. Come With Me Now (Love Theme) (Vocal By Nelson Pigford) 4:52
17. End Theme 2:01
  Total Album Time: 52:29

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From the Manufacturer

For the 1978 film Five Days from Home, star and director by George Peppard sought out composer Bill Conti because he loved the composer's music for Rocky. Peppard wanted the inspirational sound from the hit boxing film for his picture (and the success and radio play promotion that went with it!) Conti wrote a lonely, tragic trumpet theme for the unfairly vilified Pryor, a melody that urgently echoes almost into a fugue in the main theme, while passages of anxiety accompany Pryor as he sneaks around at night. A bit of funk comes in the form of a reverberating plucked effect, keyboard, and electric guitar and action arrives, disco-dipped, showcasing Conti's diversity of style. Additionally, Conti was asked to provide three songs for the soundtrack album, with lyrics by Norman "Killing Me Softly" Gimbel, as well as disco versions of the film's themes.

Conti's music went on to have other lives. One was unsolicited, when the 1979 Sophia Loren film Firepower used the main theme in its trailers and ads. The other came with a polite phone call from Robin Leach, who asked Conti if he could use the disco instrumental version of "Come With Me Now" for his new show, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

For this expanded release, Intrada retrieved the original multi-track masters stored at Universal Studios, not only recreating the original album program but expanding some of the more dramatic score that had been absent from the original release, adding five more cues to the program.

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