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Peter Pan - Expanded Edition

Peter Pan - Expanded Edition

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 487)

Release Date: March 21, 2023

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: Peter Pan - Expanded Edition
1. Main Title 2:09
2. Michael Takes A Bath 0:32
3. Is That A Kiss? 1:40
4. Peter's Shadow 1:23
5. A Note From The Teacher 2:49
6. Tinkerbell 4:45
7. Wendy Meets Peter 5:14
8. Learning To Fly 3:10
9. Flying 3:30
10. The Parrot 0:46
11. Captain Hook 1:39
12. Spying On The Jolly Roger 1:30
13. “Fetch Long Tom” 1:29
14. Lost Boys Shoot Wendy 1:30
15. Wendy Lives 2:04
16. Build A House Around Her 1:24
17. Come Meet Father 2:31
18. Capturing Michael & John 1:58
19. Mermaids 1:40
20. Children On The Rock 1:44
21. Set Them Free 3:06
22. Castle Swordfight 3:50
23. Fairy Dance 5:31
24. Peter Visits Darlings 1:38
25. Wendy Meets Hook 4:15
26. “If You Wish It” 2:47
27. Boys Want To Go Home 1:12
28. Parrot Frees Tink 1:05
29. Hook Captures Boys 1:57
30. Poison 1:41
31. Please Don't Die 1:52
32. I Do Believe In Fairies 2:45
  Disc Time: 75:06
Disc 2: Peter Pan - Expanded Edition
1. Wendy Walks The Plank 4:12
2. “Into The Rigging” 2:09
3. “He's Mine” 4:40
4. Peter Falls To The Deck 1:48
5. The Hidden Kiss 1:20
6. Old, Alone, Done For 1:20
7. Hook Is Dead/Flying Jolly Roger 4:51
8. Adopting Lost Boys/Peter Returns 4:05
9. End Title/End Credits (Extended Suite) 10:57
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

Intrada announces the release of one of James Newton Howard's finest fantasy scores - the 2003 live-action telling of Peter Pan. In cooperation with Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal Pictures, this new release expands dramatically upon the original issue released at the time of the film. Director P. J. Hogan's Peter Pan may be a live-action picture, but it is scored very much in the manner of an animated film. Howard's music is quicksilver and inventive, changing direction at the drop of a hat. His themes are malleable, their use kaleidoscopic. The score is mostly symphonic, with a leading role given to woodwinds, both solo and in combination. At times, Howard goes beyond the boundaries of the standard symphonic set-up by employing non-orchestral instruments such as pan pipes and mandolin. He also uses wordless chorus—employing the voices of both children and adults. Howard also departs from traditional symphonic scoring in the all-important flying sequence—the first music he wrote for the picture. Here, he introduces rock elements, including the use of drums to propel the action and a reliance on ostinato figures that move the music forward. The result is an epic work that soars. Whether you're flying to Neverland, accompanying Peter on his grand adventures, or saving a fairy's life, the score is thrilling from start to finish.

Over 112 minutes of colorful music carries the drama, assists the charm, underlines the ageless characters and illuminates the story from one end of the picture to the other. The score fills 2 CDs and is presented from the digital stereo film mixes made by Shawn Murphy at Todd-AO Scoring. The score was recorded at the Sony Scoring Stage in Culver City, California, during late October and early November 2003.

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