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Psycho III

Psycho III

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 453)

Release Date: January 12, 2021

Format: CD

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Disc 1: Psycho III
1. Nunnery 1:36
2. Main Title 1:58
3. Catherine Mary 3:44
4. Dirty Street 2:30
5. Emma Flashback 2:13
6. Duke Meets Norm 0:36
7. Maureen Exits Truck 0:20
8. Piano Theme (Film Version) 0:57
9. House, Mom Intro 2:29
10. Duke In Bar (Warm As A Cry For Help) 2:26
11. Norman Watches T.V. (White Water/Red Water) 1:25
12. Norman To Maureen In Bath 3:14
13. Norman In Maureen's Hospital Room 3:41
14. Scream Of Love (Film Version) 3:54
15. Ruthie's Murder 0:54
16. Maureen And Shrink 1:51
17. Norman And Tracy On Steps 0:44
18. Tracy In Emma's Apt. 2:08
19. Norman And Mom Argue Over Maureen 1:47
20. Bathroom Murder 1:44
21. Mom's Missing 2:48
22. Rest Home (Electroshock Waiting Room) 2:13
23. Swamp 3:54
24. Maureen Comes To Norman, Tracy, Norman And Mom 8:11
25. Norman Arrested 1:06
26. End Credits 2:44
  Disc Time: 61:07
Disc 2: Psycho III
1. THE EXTRAS: Piano Theme (Alternate) 1:07
2. Scream Of Love – Version C 4:32
3. Scream Of Love – Psycho Mix 3:10
4. Scream Of Love – Psycho Dance Mix 5:33
5. Scream Of Love – Psycho Dub Mix 6:34
6. Scream Of Love (Alternate No. 1) 3:49
7. Scream Of Love (Alternate No. 2) 3:56
8. 1986 MCA SOUNDTRACK ALBUM: Scream Of Love (Theme Song From The Motion Picture “PSYCHO III”) 3:48
9. Maureen In The Desert 1:54
10. Dirty Street* 3:38
11. Before And After Shower 3:37
12. Warm As A Cry For Help* 2:20
13. Sisters/Catherine Mary* 4:15
14. Mother? 2:46
15. Bad Boys And Body Bags 3:54
16. Revenge Of A Thankless Child 2:49
17. Electroshock Waiting Room* 1:45
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*Co–Produced by Carter Burwell, Bob Margouleff, Bill Smith

Intrada's first release of 2021 features the complete score to the 1986 Universal feature Psycho III with music by Carter Burwell. Norman Bates star himself, Anthony Perkins, took over directing duties and wanted a music approach that diverged from the previous Psycho films. Having been impressed with Burwell's score to Blood Simple, Perkins thought Burwell could provide the different sound for which he was looking. Burwell wrote a score performed primarily on the Synclavier, with additional live percussion, piano, saxophone and both women's and boy's choirs, taking heed of Perkins' guidance to avoid a strict traditional approach. Following in the footsteps of Herrmann and Goldsmith was no small task, but Burwell delivered a distinctive approach all his own and a perfect fit for the story in this next chapter of Norman Bates' life. The studio asked for a pop single as well, and the composer partnered with Stanton Miranda and Steve Bray to develop a song called "Scream of Love."

Released on MCA Records at the time of the film's theatrical run, the album featured dialog, excerpts from the score and source music. For this two CD-set, Intrada presents all the music Burwell recorded for Psycho III, in chronological sequence on the first disc. The second disc features the original MCA program, as well as all the different versions of "Scream of Love" recorded before finalizing the version he wanted to move into production. All this sourced from the 1/2" and 1/4" elements stored at Universal Studios.

The film begins mere weeks after the events of Psycho II, with a dark screen and an anguished woman's voice crying out, "There is no God!" The voice belongs to Maureen Coyle, a novice nun plagued by doubts about her vocation, whose suicide attempt goes tragically awry for one of her fellow sisters. Fleeing the convent, Maureen finds herself at the Bates Motel, where another failed suicide attempt leads to an unexpected bond with Norman, who is haunted by Maureen's resemblance to Marion Crane, the woman he killed decades earlier. Two newcomers jeopardize their relationship—Duane Duke, a sleazy would-be musician whom Norman hires as a desk clerk, and Tracy Venable, a journalist unconvinced that Norman has put his murderous ways behind him. Norman's conflicted feelings toward Maureen lead to more murders, and at the end he willingly allows himself to be returned to the madhouse. But Mother still has her grip on him.

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