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The Last Castle - Expanded

The Last Castle - Expanded

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 451)

Release Date: October 27, 2020

Performed by
Jerry Goldsmith

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: The Last Castle - Expanded
1. COMPLETE SCORE: The Castle 1:39
2. Irwin Arrives 2:12
3. The Cell Block 1:00
4. My Turn 1:02
5. Rain 2:02
6. The Rock Pile 4:58
7. My Mission (Original) 1:41
8. No Wall 0:53
9. The Dog Tags 1:03
10. Let's Go Ladies 2:36
11. The Salute 1:08
12. Winter's Report 0:42
13. Full Alert 2:51
14. Fading Away 1:16
15. Military Justice 2:18
16. The Count Down/Hold Them 4:07
17. Taking Command 3:37
18. Battle For The Castle 6:22
19. Fall In 2:38
20. The Flag (Revised No. 2) 7:00
21. September 11, 2001 Theme From The Last Castle 2:41
22. THE EXTRAS: The Cell Block (Alternate) 1:00
23. My Mission (Alternate) 1:43
24. The Count Down/Hold Them (Early Take) 4:06
25. The Flag (Original) 6:55
26. The Flag (Revised No. 1) 5:48
  Disc Time: 73:18
Disc 2: The Last Castle - Expanded
1. Symphony No. 40 In G Minor, K. 550 (Movement II, Andante) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 1:00
2. Piano Sonata In C Major, K. 545 (Movement II, Andante) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 2:36
3. Piano Sonata In B-Flat Major, K. 570 Movement III, Allegretto) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 0:49
4. Goldberg Variations, BWV 988, Variation 3 (Johann Sebastian Bach) 3:42
5. Goldberg Variations, BWV 988, Variation 7 (Long) (Johann Sebastian Bach) 2:41
6. Goldberg Variations, BWV 988, Variation 7 (Short) (Johann Sebastian Bach) 1:07
7. Concerto For Oboe, Violin, Cello And Orchestra In D Major (Movement 1) (Antonio Salieri) 9:14
9. Irwin Arrives 2:11
10. The Rock Pile 4:58
11. Get Behind The Mule - John Hammond 5:51
12. Let's Go Ladies 3:35
13. Full Alert 2:51
14. Military Justice 3:17
15. The Count Down 2:19
16. Hold Them 1:48
17. Taking Command 3:31
18. The Flag 5:49
19. September 11, 2001 Theme From The Last Castle 2:40
20. Chiseled In Stone (Dead Hall) 3:45
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

Intrada's latest release features an expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith's score from the 2001 Paramount Pictures film The Last Castle, courtesy of both Paramount and Universal Music Group. Goldsmith was no novice at scoring military-themed features, having scored the early '60s A Gathering of Eagles early in his career through to Executive Decision in the mid-'90s. Goldsmith's fondness for solo trumpet was a hallmark of this military sound, a masculine sound that could represent the military aspect of a character (most notably in scores like Lonely Are the Brave and First Blood). It's a sound he employed generously in The Last Castle, capturing prisoner General Irwin's past glories as well as his competence at inspiring his fellow inmates. The trumpet is performed here by Malcolm McNab, who also contributes a few thoughts to the album's liner notes. It is a brass dominated score, but that's not to say woodwinds are not given their due for moments requiring more sympathy. It was Goldsmith's last full-blown military score.

To present the complete score for The Last Castle, Paramount provided Intrada with access to the complete scoring session elements. Originally recorded on 48-track digital tape, veteran scoring mixer Bruce Botnik had created both 5.1 film mixes and two-channel stereo mixes. Both were used in assembling the 2-CD set, which features the complete film score on disc one, followed by several unused alternates. Disc two features the Goldsmith-supervised classical source music, including the Salieri "Concerto for Oboe, Violin, Cello and Orchestra in D Major," courtesy of Naxos Music. This is followed by a remastered presentation of the original Decca album program.

The film tells the tale of conflict between the warden of a military prison and a revered general, imprisoned there, who eventually earns the respect of the prisoners and leads a revolt against the cruel, petty prison commander. Robert Redford plays the general and James Gandolfini the jail warden.

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