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The Mummy Returns - Expanded

The Mummy Returns - Expanded

Intrada (Special Collection Vol. 404)

Release Date: July 17, 2018

Conducted by Alan Silvestri

Format: CD

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Track Listing

Disc 1: The Mummy Returns - Expanded
1. Opening 4:53
2. Tomb Raider Rick* 1:30
3. Been Here Before* 2:46
4. I Just Had A Vision* 1:39
5. Sling Shot Marksman* 0:19
6. Scorpion Shoes 4:24
7. Loch-Nah And Meela 1:10
8. Imhotep Unearthed! 3:15
9. Just An Oasis 1:23
10. Bad Guys To The Manor* 0:32
11. Bracelet Awakens 1:27
12. Have I Kissed You?* 0:55
13. Meet Meela (Revised)* 0:54
14. Evy Kidnapped (Revised)* 6:09
15. Rick's Tattoo 2:02
16. Imhotep Reborn! 2:40
17. My First Bus Ride (Revised) 7:43
18. The Mushy Part 2:40
19. Train Chapter (Film Version)* 5:51
20. Medjai Commanders 1:13
21. Dirigible Montage 0:54
22. I Want Him Back* 1:04
23. Flush Of Freedom* 1:50
24. Tsk Tsk* 0:24
25. Evy's Flashback Swordfight* 2:30
26. Flashback Finale 4:02
27. What? No Ice?* 0:29
28. Sandcastles/Breadcrumbs 3:25
29. Canyon Deluge 2:18
  Disc Time: 70:21
Disc 2: The Mummy Returns - Expanded
1. Pygmy Territory* 1:53
2. Something Is Coming!* 2:04
3. Pygmy Attack 3:31
4. More Pygmies* 1:41
5. Racing The Sun!* 0:54
6. Evy Dies 3:27
7. Curator's Bad Idea* 1:28
8. Sand Warriors* 2:40
9. Gong* 0:19
10. Rick Battles Imhotep* 6:55
11. False Victory (Revised)* 4:46
12. Wrong Girlfriend (Revised)* 1:52
13. Happy Ending* 4:07
14. The Mummy Returns End Credits* 2:29
15. Forever May Not Be Long Enough (LIVE) 3:47
16. THE EXTRAS: Meet Meela (Original) 0:54
17. Evy Kidnapped (Original) 5:54
18. My First Bus Ride (Original) 7:42
19. Train Chapter (Album Version) 5:32
20. False Victory (Original)* 4:49
21. Wrong Girlfriend (Original)* 1:46
22. The Mummy Returns 7:42
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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For Universal Studios' sequel to The Mummy, composer Alan Silvestri took the reigns and composed one of the largest epic scores of his career. He describes the score for The Mummy Returns as "Errol Flynn" a score filled with swashbuckle, honor, adventure, damsels, just like an old pirate movie. The score features a snarling brass idea for the bad guys, a mystery motif on English horn for the Scorpion King, and a general sense of Egyptian mystique and ancient secrecy. Silvestri carries this exoticism into his love theme for Rick and Evy, a romantic melody that suggestively sizzles with the desert adventures and sexual chemistry. All this performed by a 100-piece orchestra and 60-voice choir.

To present this expanded edition of The Mummy Returns, Intrada accessed all the scoring sessions held in London with the composer conducting the Sinfonia of London Orchestra and Chorus in March 2001, courtesy of Universal Pictures and the Universal Music Group. The finished film featured approximately 110 minutes of music. Silvestri also recorded another half hour of changes—including alternate pickups and revisions for the changing editorial needs of the picture as well as some re-scored bars intended for the album—bringing everything captured at those London sessions to some 140 minutes. Not a single cue representing the climactic action sequences or finale (about 25 minutes of music) was included on the original Decca release. The album master was due for delivery prior to final mixing; consequently, those cues were not available for that album assembly. All this impressive music premieres on this new edition. Intrada presents the score as intended for the film on CD 1 and the first part of CD 2 (including the vocal), with the alternate takes on the second half of CD 2.

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