Award-winning reality TV composer Russ Landau is traveling through China in search of indigenous sounds to accompany the upcoming season of the CBS hit series "Survivor: China." As he journeys deep into the heart of mainland China, Landau will act as a musical archaeologist, uncovering traditional Chinese music to incorporate into his original theme and score for the show. The trip will include excursions to distinct cultural locations where Landau and his crew will interact with the locals, collect primitive Chinese music and explore the Chinese culture. In addition, he will also be performing two concerts with local musicians in Beijing.

Fans can share the adventure as Landau is keeping a live blog. The blog will tell about his personal, first hand experience on his journey in search of ancient voices of China. Access his blog ( to stay current with Landau through daily updates.

Landau is no novice to this type of instrumental investigation as he previously tackled the Australian Outback to create the soundtrack for Survivor\'s second season, "Survivor: The Australian Outback." Landau\'s obvious talent and creativity has made him one of the most successful television composers today. In addition to Survivor, he has themed and scored many other primetime series including "Fear Factor" (1, 2, 3 and 4), "Survivor UK," "America\'s Most Talented Kid," "Dog Eat Dog," "The Restaurant" (1 & 2), "Average Joe," "Three Wishes," "The Assistant," and more.

His feature film credits include titles such as the Jennifer Love Hewitt romance "Telling You," the thriller "Nowhere Land," and "Lost." He also collaborated with Brooke Langton and Doug Deep on the song "The Rumble Of Normal" for the movie, "Playing Mona Lisa."

Along with his film and television work, the twice Emmy nominated Landau has also been honored with 12 ASCAP Film & Television Awards and shares a Grammy for Best New Age Album with Paul Winter for "Prayer For The Wild Things."

Landau\'s China excursion will not only serve as a tool in creating the music to the much anticipated "Survivor: China." but the footage taken during the trip will also be made into a show that is both a travelogue and a musical expedition. The travel show will follow Landau and his crew every step of the way from arrival in China to departure back to Los Angeles. This exclusive documentation of the music gathering process will provide a unique perspective of ancient Chinese civilization as well as a never before seen or heard view of China\'s society.

To follow Landau\'s Chinese journey, visit his blog: