On Sunday, August 12 at 6pm (EST), MOVIE GEEKS UNITED!, a movie-themed talk radio program on the internet, will conduct an interview with acclaimed film composer John Ottman, whose latest work is the Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig film "The Invasion".

Mr. Ottman will be calling into the show from on location in Berlin, where he is performing film composition and editing duties on "Valkyrie", the new Bryan Singer film starring Tom Cruise.

"This will be an unprecedented opportunity to discuss the art of film composition with one of the industry’s top talents," says writer, producer and co-host Jamey DuVall, "as well as get an advanced inside look into one of the most eagerly anticipated films of next fall."

Closing out the hour will be Pittsburgh Post-Gazette television critic Rob Owen, who will discuss the current state of television and how it compares to film in terms of quality and content.

Internet users may listen to the show live or on replay by visiting www.blogtalkradio.com/moviegeeksunited. They may also subscribe to the podcast for free via ITunes, where they can download additional show content, including recent 2-hour tributes to directors Brian De Palma and David Lynch and actor Al Pacino, and a reunion of "The Blair Witch Project" filmmakers and co-star.