Trackdown Scoring Stage achieves another milestone by recording A-list composer, John Powell\'s (The Bourne Movies, Mr & Mrs Smith, Shrek) score to the upcoming feature Jumper (Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson) without any of the US music production team setting foot in Sydney. Like the characters from the film, Trackdown was able to virtually insert the US composer and engineer into the Sydney scoring stage. A virtual orchestral recording session took place with the composer, John Powell sitting comfortably in his home studio in Los Angeles and giving instructions to Trackdown\'s Tim Ryan (engineer), Brett Weymark (conductor) and the Sydney Scoring Orchestra in Sydney – all as if he were in the studio with them.

Trackdown has recently been providing virtual session for productions in the US that love the talent and affordability of Sydney’s orchestral players and the big picture sound of Trackdown Scoring Stage, which is located adjacent to Fox Studios in Sydney. This is all made possible through the use of Source Elements\' Source Connect Pro plug-in software for Pro Tools.

This is the 3rd film score of John Powell\'s that Trackdown has recorded. His engineer Shawn Murphy, (Star Wars, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter) considered the worlds leading orchestral film score engineer first experienced Trackdown when he came to Sydney to record John Powell\'s score to Happy Feet. That trip solidified his faith in the Sydney facility to the extent he has since overseen two \"virtual\" Powell scores (the first being PS I Love You) recorded at Trackdown.

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Trackdown offers a full range of music services for feature film and TV, including Australia’s largest purpose built Orchestral Scoring Stage located at The Entertainment Quarter (adjacent to Fox Studios Australia). Scoring credits include ‘Happy Feet’, ‘Aquamarine’, ‘Romeo X Juliet’, ‘Typhoon’, ‘Salem’s Lot’, ‘PS. I Love You’ and ‘Jumper’. Trackdown also features music editing facilities including six ProTools suites headed by award-winning engineers Simon Leadley and Tim Ryan, whose music editing credits include \'Happy Feet\', \'Aquamarine\', \'Peter Pan\', \'Master & Commander\', ’No Reservations’, ‘Disgrace’ \'Inspector Gadget II\' , \'George of the Jungle II\' and \'Moulin Rouge\'.