"Largest Group of Musicians To Play On A Live-Action TV Series In Years" – JON BURLINGAME (VARIETY)

(Los Angeles, CA – July 8, 2010) Composer Bear McCreary earns his first Emmy Award® nomination for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music with Human Target. McCreary's sweeping theme music is influenced by a more traditional approach to action/adventure scoring. Each episode of Human Target features as much as 30 minutes of music played by an average of 60 musicians, making it the "largest group of musicians to play on a live-action TV series in years" according to a recent article in Variety.

"It's an honor to be on a shortlist with so many wonderful composers," said McCreary. "There was some debate within the Academy earlier this year to eliminate this category, so I'm also pleased that it still exists. There are still great Main Titles being written out there, and I'm glad people think Human Target is one of them."

McCreary learned of his nomination while in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. He will be conducting the debut of The Battlestar Galactica Symphony on July 9th as part of FIMUCITÉ 4, performed by the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra, the Symphonic Orchestra of Tenerife and the Tenerife Film Choir.

"The real thrill of scoring Human Target comes from the unprecedented creative freedom I've been given to create the kind of sweeping, thematic and adventurous score largely absent from both the small and large screen in recent years," said McCreary.

"At the first production meeting we had, even before the pilot," describes Executive Producer Jonathan Steinberg, "I said we must have an orchestra. This show is about an action hero, it's built out of the DNA of the movies I grew up on, 'Star Wars' and 'Raiders' and 'Star Trek.' Those movies don't work without that orchestra."

Their combined vision resulted in the use of one of the largest orchestras for live-action television. On average, 60 musicians are used per episode, with a whopping 94 musicians brought in to record the music for the season finale Christopher Chance.

Christopher Chance himself, series star Mark Valley stopped by the recording session for the finale. "I'm just really moved, and impressed with all of the effort that goes on here," Valley said. "I have got to say that I really love the music for the show." Valley even picked up a flugel horn and learned his character's own theme.

Bear McCreary was among a handful of select protégés of late film music legend Elmer Bernstein and is a classically trained composer with degrees in Composition and Recording Arts from the prestigious USC Thornton School of Music. At the age of 24, Bear McCreary was launched into pop culture with his score to Battlestar Galactica, "the most innovative music on TV today" (Variety). Io9.com declared Bear McCreary one of the Ten Best Science Fiction Composers of all time, the only composer under 50 on the list, (he is now 30), and the only one recognized for work in television.

Next up for McCreary is Step Up 3D for Touchstone Pictures, in theaters on August 6, 2010. In addition to his work for television, McCreary's credits include SOCOM 4, Dark Void and Dark Void Zero video games, and the films Wrong Turn 2, Rest Stop and Rest Stop: Don't Look Back.

"Human Target season one was not only creatively challenging and rewarding, but a project that will forever impact the way I write music," McCreary describes. "Like my experiences on BSG, I've emerged from this a better composer for having done it."

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To watch a video of the recording session of the Human Target finale, visit http://www.bearmccreary.com/blog/?p=4240