Mark Isham, Honorary President, will be joined by award-winning composer Blake Neely, Musical Director, at the 8th Annual International Film Music Festival this year in Córdoba, Spain (formerly held in Ubeda) from June 28th through July 1st. The Festival will feature recognized international composers, with music performances and screenings, including a viewing of Crash, with a special introduction from Mark Isham, the film's composer.

Mark Isham's trumpet performance with Carles Cases' Band at last year's International Film Music Festival impacted everyone from fans to the organization, leading to his appointment as Honorary President of the festival. Isham has long been celebrated for his musical contributions to film and television, receiving several awards, including a Grammy and an Emmy as well as Oscar and Golden Globe Nominations. Isham has collaborated with leading directors including Robert Redford and Frank Marshall. Isham's compositions for notable films include Crash, The Black Dahlia, and A River Runs Through It. Most recently, he scored the family film Dolphin Tale, and the drama Warrior, for which he won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for "Best Score." Isham's current projects include ABC's #1 new drama Once Upon A Time, created by Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, for which he records weekly with a full orchestra and vocalists to achieve the distinguished cinematic vibe. He is also currently scoring the feature Upside Down, and will be returning this fall to score Once Upon A Time, and the new series Beauty and the Beast.

Blake Neely's contribution to the tribute of Michael Kamen at last year's International Film Music Festival made for an emotional performance, and he further impressed the organization with his professionalism and interest, making him an obvious choice for Musical Director of the festival. Neely's accolades include an Emmy Nomination and the 2011 GoldSpirit Award for Best Theme, The Pacific. In addition, Neely's musical commissions include writing music for the Queen of England and the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. He also conducted at the FIFA World Cup Final Draw to a TV audience of nearly one billion people. Neely recently scored ABC's period drama Pan Am¸ created by writer Jack Orman and directed by Thomas Schlamme. Neely incorporated a full orchestra to achieve a signature sound for the series. Next month, Neely's music can be heard on USA Network's mini-series Political Animals, and this fall on the CW's new DC Comics series Arrow, both produced by Greg Berlanti, for whom Neely has scored over a dozen of series. He also returns for the sixth season of The Mentalist.

The International Film Music Festival will open with the official inauguration at Palacio de la Merced, followed by workshops, screenings, performances and panel discussions, concluding with a farewell party for guests and attendees. Other composers attending include Oscar winner Ludovic Bource (The Artist), Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3), Murray Gold (Doctor Who), and Cliff Martinez (Drive). For more information regarding the Festival click here.