Imperiad Entertainment, an independent media entertainment company in Hillsboro, Oregon, is proud to announce the October 9th, 2012, release to the soundtrack of its first feature film, the supernatural thriller Nightscape. The film's score was composed, produced, and recorded by Portland artist John Morgan Askew, whose previous credits include the standout indie film Calvin Marshall (2011). The writer-director of Nightscape, David W. Edwards, described the score as a "uniquely compelling mix of spaghetti western motifs and 80s-style electronica."

The soundtrack consists of 20 tracks and clocks in at nearly 60 minutes. In addition to the original score, the soundtrack includes the retro-60s garage rock song, "Save Yourself (Cuz No One Else Will)." This track, performed by Monster-Sized Monsters (fronted by the film's lead actress Emily Galash), ties directly into the prequel short story included in the forthcoming original novel, Nightscape: The Dreams of Devils. The soundtrack also contains the catchy Casio-inspired theme from the iOS action-driving game Nightscape: Phantom Fast Racing.

"[David] Edwards created a unique world for his film Nightscape so the score needed to not only support this in sound and feel but also needed to be an additional, tweaked, layer to the setting and the story. In the end, a very industrial palate was developed by recording percussive car sounds for drums, 8-cylinder engine idles for drones and, by good luck, some random chain scrapes and tool squeaks from a machine shop became key melodic tones throughout. These created sounds with a blatant hat-tip to Tangerine Dream and Wendy/Walter Carlos made for some pretty weird score!" said Askew about the experience of creating the soundtrack.

The soundtrack will be available in both MP3 and limited edition CD formats via a number of online retailers, notably, Amazon, CD Baby, Google Marketplace and iTunes. The suggested MSRP is $9.99 for the digital version and $11.99 for the CD. Pre-orders will be available starting September 18th,2012.