Composer Daniel Pemberton brings experimental and orchestral sounds to his score for The Counselor, the new Ridley Scott crime-thriller. Starring Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Michael Fassbender and Javier Bardem, The Counselor follows a lawyer in over his head when he gets involved in drug trafficking. The Counselor was written by acclaimed novelist Cormac McCarthy (No Country For Old Men). Pemberton pushes the boundaries by combining original sound design with traditional orchestration to tackle the grittiness of McCarthy's material. Pemberton recently scored Ridley Scott's upcoming Showtime drama The Vatican. The Counselor opens in theaters October 25. The Counselor score album will be available digitally October 22 and physically November 11 on Milan Records.

Daniel Pemberton recorded the score for The Counselor with a full orchestra at Abbey Road studios, then integrated home-recorded guitar noises and other unique textures into the mix. On collaborating with Academy Award-winning director Ridley Scott, Pemberton comments, "Ridley would respond to the most unusual stuff, which pushed me into trying more experimental ideas. He's a great collaborator who would listen to your ideas and follow up with a constructive discussion, which is refreshing. Once you earned his trust, he'll back you massively which is every composer's dream."

A diverse and multi-talented composer, Daniel Pemberton is an Ivor Novello award-winning and multi-BAFTA nominated composer. After self-releasing an avant-garde electronic album at the age of 16, Pemberton began composing for British television while still in high school, and has written for over 150 productions adding up to over 500 TV episodes. Named "One of the hottest people working in television today" by Broadcast magazine, Pemberton has written soundtracks for the film The Awakening and the video games Little Big Planet 1 & 2 and Kinetic Adventures, the second highest selling Xbox game of all time. Pemberton was awarded the Ivor Novello award for his score to the BBC drama Desperate Romantics. Pemberton recently scored In Fear, which screened at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.