Announced this week were new composer assignments for: Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau (King Dork), Fernando Velazquez (Hercules), Klaus Badelt (The Monk), among many others. For the full list of composer and music supervisor assignments from this week, click here.

24 new soundtrack albums were released this week. Click here for the full schedule.

Cesar Chavez (music by Michael Brook), Noah (music by Clint Mansell), and Sabotage (music by David Sardy) open nationwide today. Bad Words (music by Rolfe Kent) is expanding nationwide from a limited release two weeks ago.

Among all new theatrical releases, we are tracking song credits for:
- Noah (2 songs)
- Sabotage (7 songs)
- Bad Words (15 songs)
- Boys of Abu Ghraib (21 songs)
- Breathe In (15 songs)
- The Raid 2 (Berandal) (4 songs)

Finally, the following composers will be celebrating upcoming birthdays:
- Saturday: Vangelis (Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, 1492: Conquest of Paradise) will turn 71.
- Sunday: Eric Clapton (Communion) will turn 69.