Lakeshore Records will release the Songs of Defiance - Season 2: Original Television Soundtrack digitally on May 26 and on CD June 19, 2015. The album features original songs and performances from the series by Brendan McCreary, Young Beautiful in a Hurry, Raya Yarbrough and Trace Adkins.

The Season 2 soundtrack focuses attention on the songs of the hit Syfy series. With a mix of original songs, and hit songs covered in the style of the various species co-existing in the town of Defiance, the soundtrack spotlights the work of Brendan McCreary.

"I began working on Defiance when composer Bear McCreary and showrunner Kevin Murphy had me contribute a few tracks with my group Young Beautiful in a Hurry for Season 1," said Brendan. "I was beyond thrilled when they asked me back, this time, as their resident songwriter for Season 2. I was already so inspired by the material, but most especially by Bear's theme for the show, with its dark brooding vibe and incredibly unique dub-style synths. I wanted to incorporate that futuristic vibe into my own work for the show and create a continuous musical environment to thread the universe of Defiance together."

"What made the Season 2 soundtrack such an interesting and fun project was the opportunity to explore multiple styles and genres and write in such diversity," said McCreary. "Together, the three of us [Kevin, Brendan and Bear McCreary] imagined the customs, cultures, and traditions of the characters from Castithan to Irathient and crafted songs to fit this world; these songs were even translated and sung in the native languages of the alien races of the show."

Syfy presents Defiance, which will return for Season 3 on June 12, 2015.