Varèse Sarabande will release the Extinction – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally August 14, 2015. The album features the original music composed by Spanish composer Sergio Moure.

"Collaborating with Miguel Angel Vivas [director] is a real treat," said Moure. "He is a director who leaves you a lot of creative freedom, but at the same time he knows what to tell the composer to show him the way to find the right emotional tone. He asked me to focus on the emotional aspects of the story and the relationship between the characters, without leaving aside the idea that it has to be a genre score."

"This is the second time Sergio and I have worked together, after Kidnapped," said Vivas. "And now he has gone and exceeded it with a score that is epic and moving, with an overwhelming personality. Everybody knows that a good soundtrack makes a movie grow. So Sergio, thank you for making Extinction a bigger movie than what I thought it could be."

"I used a classical symphony ensemble, specifically the Córdoba Symphony Orchestra, which I think did an incredible job," Moure described. "I also used a prepared piano and several kinds of guitars. The prologue of the film combined the emotional and horror aspects of the film and permeated the tone of the rest of the score."

Vaca Films presents Extinction, debuted at the Fantasia International Film Festival (Montreal, PQ) on July 18 and in theaters in the US on July 31, 2015.