Lakeshore Records will release Mr. Right - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on April 8 and on CD shortly thereafter. The album features the original score by Aaron Zigman, and the original track "Love You With a Bang" by Lava/Republic recording artist Maty Noyes.

"It was a pleasure doing this film with Paco [Cabezas, director] because he had such original ideas, and because he made a film that was atypical of its genre," said Zigman. "When I first saw Mr. Right, I felt Paco was making not just a romantic comedy, but a comedy with action in it. His concept for this film, and everything else he brought to the table, were absolutely something I had never seen before in a romantic comedy."

"Paco had expressed the importance of the action world in this film, so that's precisely where I began," Zigman explained. To achieve this, Zigman used his own palette of electronic pulses, which he and his team created for the film, augmented with orchestral elements. "In this film the action was, in a sense, what brought these two characters together—it created this underlying, superhuman energy that bonded them together, though it was ultimately Mr. Right who was able to successfully help his counterpart, Martha, discover her own sense of self-empowerment."

Mr. Right will be in theaters April 8, 2016.