Little Twig Records will release the Burning Bodhi - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on May 6, 2016. The album features the film's original score by Ian Hultquist.

"I am so proud to have Burning Bodhi be the first soundtrack released on my new label, Little Twig Records. This score, like the film itself, was such a delicate labor of love—I'm thrilled to be able to personally hand-deliver it to the world."

"We spent a great deal of time developing this score into something that could live within this tender & gentle story of loss and heartbreak. There's such a mix of themes between spirituality, lust, & jealousy present in the story, it was a wonderful challenge finding new ways to express it. The musical palette grew into a beautiful melting pot of swirling, ethereal Strings performed by Ray Suen, woody Acoustic Guitars and haunting Vocals performed by Sofia Hultquist."