Over the past 13 years Soundtrack_Cologne has become a fixture in the cultural calendar of the Media City of Cologne, which is home to the biggest German TV stations. Each year the conference welcomes guests from around the globe and is now an inspiration for the growing landscape of music festivals and conferences in Europe. As a symbol of recognition for exceptional achievements in the art of film music, Soundtrack_Cologne honors an outstanding individual each year with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Soundtrack_Cologne CEO Michael P. Aust announced that Cliff Martinez will receive the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award on August 27th, 2016 during the award ceremony of this year's conference. Aust and program director Matthias Hornschuh state, "Cliff Martinez's talent is to contribute a very specific atmospheric frequency to movies through sound. Most recently this worked beautifully on Nicolas Winding Refn's aesthetic masterpiece The Neon Demon. Martinez's music adds to the visual level and his sound therefore becomes part of the narrative. His next-level electronic film scoring doesn't make you miss the orchestra, but makes you experience a new and different quality".

"I am honored to be receiving the Lifetime Achievement from Soundtrack_Cologne", says Martinez. "I have heard many wonderful things about the festival and city and look forward to being a part of it this year."

Soundtrack_Cologne was founded in 2003 and is a film conference from a music perspective. From August 24th to 28th participants get a chance to attend three different themed music days ranging from Film to TV to Video games. SoundTrack_Cologne makes its audience experience how influential, diverse and versatile music and sound help to narrate a film. In some 30 workshops, talks, case studies and panel discussions, a dialogue is established between the various film trades. Experienced and established film composer pass on their knowledge to the next generation, while contests like the European Talent Competition and Peer-Raben Award appeal to the younger generation of composers and sound-designers.

For more information, please visit soundtrackcologne.de.