Lakeshore Records will release the American Pastoral -Original Motion Picture Soundtrack both digitally and on CD October 21, 2016. The album features an original score from the Academy Award-winning composer Alexandre Desplat.

"I always like to work on the opening of a film to find my way through it. As if I was sitting in the audience in a theater," Desplat explained. "Two themes evolve through the film as the characters do. The emotional path Swede, our hero is going through was the lighthouse guiding us. Merry drifting away from her family was the other one."

The director, Ewan McGregor, himself got into the action. Desplat described, "Ewan is a brilliant French horn player and we felt the sound of the French horn could give both the sense of the epic and of the solitude of Swede's journey through life."

American Pastoral will be in theaters October 21, 2016.