Lakeshore Records will release the I'm Not Ashamed - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack digitally on October 21, 2016 and on CD shortly thereafter. The album features original music by Tim Williams.

"My first thought was how would Brian Baugh, the director even begin to tackle a story about this terrible tragedy. I have several children myself, and I could only imagine this must be a worse nightmare come true," Williams stated. He and the writers had spent a couple of years reading through Rachel's journal, which incidentally has a bullet hole and blood on it. "It's a painful reminder of the reality of the event," Williams stated. "There were thirteen victims that day, and you could legitimately do a film on each precious victim. Rachel's life is a wonderful place to begin, though." Williams concluded, "Her story deserves to be told and this film is a tribute to this beautiful girl. It was an honor to create music for Rachel's life story. I remember so clearly in the 90s that day when the news story unfolded - it was humbling to try to give Rachel's wonderful life voice through music. She was an incredible soul."

I'm Not Ashamed will be in theaters October 21, 2016.