Earlier this summer, the Society of Composers and Lyricists held a special screening of the hit film X2: X-Men United at 20th Century Fox. On hand to discuss the film, and their collaboration, was director Bryan Singer, and editor/composer John Ottman. Following the screening, the two were led in a panel discussion moderated by composer Peter Melnick (L.A. Story). Topics discussed were the genesis of Ottman and Singer's collaboration, the first X-Men film (and why Ottman was unavailable), and the gruelling and demanding process of editing and scoring a big budget feature film like X2.

L to R: Peter Melnick, John Ottman, and Bryan Singer

Singer was candid about his mixed experience (for better or worse) on X-Men, and there were even a few anecdotal moments that bordered on "too much information"! None the less, the audience (comprised mainly of SCL members) seemed to react well to it, and a good time was had by all. Following the discussion, questions were taken - during which it was revealed that Singer is indeed working on X3, and he and Ottman recently finished a Coca-Cola commercial.

The X2 soundtrack is available from Superb Records; the DVD release comes out in the end of November, and features an 11-minute featurette on Ottman and his music.

Special thanks to Ray Costa and the Society of Composers and Lyricists; photo by Dan Goldwasser