SANTA MONICA, CA - May 3, 2004 - Composer Kevin Manthei, along with KMM Productions released today an original score soundtrack of the music from the Activision and Dreamworks game Shrek 2. The soundtrack is available for purchase exclusively through KMM Productions website store. (

The soundtrack contains over 60 minutes of original music composed by Kevin Manthei and Kevin Riepl of KMM Productions. "The soundtrack leaves virtually no musical genre untouched and it's our desire to keep listeners ears glued to their speakers." Says Kevin Manthei principle composer and owner of KMM Productions. "Our goal with this soundtrack was to play with standard conventions, having fun with the music by twisting and tweaking all the standard musical cliché's that the film Shrek is famous for on camera."

KMM Productions Store

The new store section at has soundtracks from many of the recent and classic games Kevin Manthei has scored. Other game soundtracks available for purchase include Kill.Switch (Namco), Dead to Rights (Namco) and Pitfall: The Lost Expedition (Activision). Also available are classic scores to SSI's Panzer General Series, Sir-Tech's Wizardry 8, and Jagged Alliance 2. "I am excited to be able to share the music from these games with gaming fans" says Kevin Manthei.

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Kevin Manthei is a Los Angeles film, television and game composer having scored music for over fifty game titles including Starcraft:Ghost (Blizzard), Kill.switch (Namco), Sacrifice (Shiny) and Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption (Activision) Kevin is currently scoring all the music for WB Kids! animated breakout hit "Xiaolin Showdown" airing 8:30 am Saturday Eastern and Pacific. He also scored Nickelodeon's cult-hit "Invader Zim" which resulted in an Annie Award nomination for best score. Further, Kevin has contributed additional music to many feature films including Resident Evil and Scream 3. More information about Kevin Manthei and KMM Productions is available at:

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