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Georges Auric

February 15, 1899
Lodeve, France
July 23, 1983
Paris, France

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[1969]  The Christmas Tree
[1968]  Therese and Isabelle
[1966]  Don't Look Now - We're Being Shot at
 The Poppy Is Also a Flower
[1964]  Thomas the Imposter
[1963]  The Kremlin
 The Mind Benders
[1962]  The Curse and the Coffin
[1961]  Bridge to the Sun
 Goodbye Again*
 Midnight Meeting
 The Innocents
[1960]  Princesse de Clèves
 Sergeant X of the Foreign Legion
 The Testament of Orpheus
[1959]  SOS Pacific
 The Journey
[1958]  Bonjour tristesse
 Next to No Time
[1957]  Dangerous Exile
 He Who Must Die
 Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
 The Crucible
 The Night Heaven Fell
 The Spies
 The Story of Esther Costello
[1956]  Bold Adventure
 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
 The Mystery of Picasso
 Walk Into Paradise
[1955]  Abdulla the Great
 The Sins of Lola Montes
[1954]  Flesh and Desire
 The Detective
 The Divided Heart
 The Good Die Young
[1953]  L' Esclave
 Roman Holiday^
 The Titfield Thunderbolt
 Wages of Fear
[1952]  Holiday for Henrietta
 Moulin Rouge^
 The Respectful Prostitute
[1951]  Les Amants de bras-mort
 Nez de cuir
 The Galloping Major^
 The Lavender Hill Mob^
[1950]  Cage of Gold
 Dear Caroline
[1949]  Days of Our Years
 Passport to Pimlico^
 The Queen of Spades
 The Spider and the Fly
[1948]  Another Shore
 Corridor of Mirrors
 Desert Wedding
 It Always Rains on Sunday
 Silent Dust
 The Storm Within
[1947]  Hue and Cry
 La Rose et la réséda
 Ruy Blas
 The Chips Are Down
 The Eagle Has Two Heads
[1946]  Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bete)
 Caesar and Cleopatra
 La Septième porte
 La Symphonie pastorale
[1945]  Blind Desire
 Dead of Night
 François Villon
[1944]  Le Bossu
[1943]  Farandole
 The Eternal Return
[1942]  L' Assassin a peur la nuit
 Midnight in Paris
[1941]  Les Petits riens
[1940]  De la ferraille à l'acier victorieux
[1939]  La Mode rêvée
 Macao, l'enfer du jeu
[1938]  Huilor
 La Rue sans joie
 La Vie d'un homme
 Son oncle de Normandie
 The Curtain Rises
 Trois minutes - les saisons
[1937]  A Picnic on the Grass
 Heart of Paris
 L' Affaire Lafarge
 L' Alibi
 La Danseuse rouge
 Tamara la complaisante
 The Messenger
[1936]  Sous les yeux d'occident
[1935]  Les Mystères de Paris
[1934]  Lac aux dames
[1931]  Freedom for Us
[1930]  The Blood of a Poet
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