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Hans J. Salter

January 14, 1896
Vienna, Austria
July 23, 1994
Los Angeles, California

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[1967]  Maya [TV Series]
 Return of the Gunfighter
[1966]  Beau Geste
 Incident at Phantom Hill
[1965]  Lost in Space [TV Series]*
 The War Lord*
[1964]  Bedtime Story
[1963]  Showdown
[1962]  Follow That Dream
 If a Man Answers
 McKeever & the Colonel [TV Series]
 The Virginian (The Men From Shiloh) [TV Series]
[1961]  Come September
 Keyhole [TV Series]
[1960]  Assignment Underwater [TV Series]
 The Leech Woman
[1959]  Appointment with a Shadow
 Laramie [TV Series]
 The Alaskans [TV Series]
 The DuPont Show with June Allyson [TV Series]
 The Gunfight a Dodge City
 The Man in the Net
 The Wild and the Innocent
 Wichita Town [TV Series]
[1958]  Decision at Durango
 Raw Wind in Eden
 Summer Love
 The Donna Reed Show [TV Series]
 The Female Animal
[1957]  20 Million Miles to Earth
 African Patrol [TV Series]
 Joe Dakota
 Man in the Shadow
 The Incredible Shrinking Man
 The Night Runner
 The Oklahoman
 The Tall Stranger
 Wagon Train [TV Series]
[1956]  Autum Leaves
 Earth vs. the Flying Saucers*
 Hold Back the Night
 Navy Wife
 Raw Edge
 Red Sundown
 The Creature Walks Among Us
 The Mole People
 Three Brave Men
[1955]  Creature with the Atom Brain
 Lady Godiva
 Man Without A Star^
 The Far Horizons*
 The Rawhide Years
[1954]  Bengal Brigade
 Creature from the Black Lagoon
 Ride Clear of Diablo
 Sign of the Pagan
 The Human Jungle
 Yankee Pasha
[1953]  The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T*
[1952]  Against All Flags
 Bend Of The River^
 Bronco Buster
 Duel at Silver Creek
 Flesh and Fury
 Steel Town
 The Battle at Apache Pass
 Untamed Frontier
[1951]  Apache Drums
 Finders Keepers
 Reunion in Reno
 The Prince Who Was a Thief
 Thunder on the Hill
 You Can Never Can Tell
[1950]  Borderline
 Please Believe Me
 The Killer That Stalked New York
 Woman from Headquaters
[1949]  Cover-Up
 The Gal Who Took the West
 The Reckless Moment
[1948]  An Innocent Affair
 Man-Eater of Kumaon
 The Sign of the Ram
[1947]  Love from a Stranger
 That's My Man
 The Michigan Kid
 The Web
[1946]  Her Adventurous Night
 Little Miss Big
 Lover Come Back
 Magnificent Doll
 Rustler's Round-Up
 So Goes My Love
 The Cat Creeps
 The Dark Horse
[1945]  House of Dracula
 Patrick the Great
 Pursuit to Algiers
 Scarlet Street
 See My Lawyer
 Sherlock Holmes and the House of Fear
 That Night with You
 That's the Spirit
[1944]  Allergic to Love
 Can't Help Singing
 Christmas Holiday
 House of Frankenstein*
 San Diego I Love You
 Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman
 The Invisible Man's Revenge
 The Merry Monahans
 Twilight on the Prairie
[1943]  All by Myself
 Calling Dr. Death
 Captive Wild Woman
 Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man^
 His Butler's Sister
 Raiders of San Joaquin
 Son of Dracula
[1942]  Danger in the Pacific
 Deep in the Heart of Texas
 Destination Unknown
 Little Joe, the Wrangler
 Mystery of Marie Roget
 Sin Town
 The Ghost of Frankenstein
 The Spoilers
[1941]  Badlands of Dakota
 Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
 Fighting Bill Fargo
 Flying Cadets
 Hello, Sucker
 Hit the Road
 Horror Island
 It Started with Eve
 Meet the Chump
 Model Wife
 San Francisco Docks
 The Black Cat
 The Kid from Kansas
 The Man Who Lost Himself
 The Wolf Man*
 Tight Shoes
 Where Did You Get That Girl?
[1940]  I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
 I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now
 Lucky Devils
 Seven Sinners
 South to Karanga
 Spring Parade
 The Invisible Man Returns*
 The Leather Pushers
 The Mummy's Hand
 The Ragtime Cowboy
 You're Not So Tough
[1939]  Call a Messenger
 First Love
 Miracle on Main Street
 Sky Patrol
 The Big Guy
 The Great Commandment
 Tower of London
[1936]  Fräulein Lilli
[1935]  Alles für ve Snehu
 De Vier Mullers
[1933]  Madame Wants No Children
[1932]  Mein Freund, der Millionär
 Scherben Bringen Glück
[1930]  Der Mann, der den Mord Beging
 L'Homme qui Assassina
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