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Undetermined 1941 Releases

  49th Paralell
  Adventures of Captain Marvel
  Affectionately Yours
  All American Co-Ed
  All This and Rabbit Stew
  Aloma of the South Seas
  Angels with Broken Wings
  The Apache Kid
  Appointment For Love
  Arkansas Judge
  Aviation Vacation
  Babes on Broadway
  Back Street
  The Bad Man
  Bad Man of Deadwood
  Badlands of Dakota
  Ball Of Fire
  Barnacle Bill
  The Black Cat
  Blonde Inspiration
  Blood And Sand
  Blues in the Night
  The Brave Little Bat
  The Bride Came C.O.D.
  Buck Privates
  The Bugle Sounds
  Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
  Cadet Girl
  The Cagey Canary
  The Cat's Tale
  Caught In The Draft
  Cheers for Miss Bishop
  Citizen Kane
  Come Live with Me
  The Cowboy and the Blonde
  A Coy Decoy
  The Crackpot Quail
  Death Valley Outlaws
  Desert Bandit
  Design For Scandal
  The Devil and Daniel Webster
  Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc.
  Dipsy Gypsy
  Dive Bomber
  Down Mexico Way
  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day
  Dressed to Kill
  The Eagle of the Steppe
  Elmer's Pet Rabbit
  Farm Frolics
  Federal Fugitives
  The Feminine Touch
  The Fighting 69½th
  Fighting Bill Fargo
  The Flame Of New Orleans
  The Fleischer & Famous Superman Cartoons
  Flying Blind
  Flying Cadets
  Forced Landing
  Gangs of Sonora
  The Get-Away
  The Ghost of St. Michael's
  Glamour Boy
  Golden Hoofs
  Goofy Groceries
  The Great American Broadcast
  The Great Lie
  The Great Mr. Nobody
  The Great Train Robbery
  The Haunted Mouse
  The Heckling Hare
  Hello, Sucker
  The Henpecked Duck
  Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt
  High Sierra
  Hit the Road
  Hold Back The Dawn
  Hold That Ghost
  Hollywood Steps Out
  Honeymoon for Three
  Honky Tonk
  Hoppity Goes to Town
  Horror Island
  How Green Was My Valley
  I Wake Up Screaming
  I Wanted Wings
  I'll Wait For You
  Inki and the Lion
  International Squadron
  It Started with Eve
  Joe Glow the Firefly
  Jungle Girl
  Jungle Man
  Keep ‘Em Flying
  The Kid from Kansas
  King of the Texas Rangers
  Kisses for Breakfast
  L'Amore Canta
  Lady Be Good
  The Lady from Cheyenne
  Las Vegas Nights
  The Last of the Duanes
  Les Petits riens
  The Little Foxes
  Louisiana Purchase
  Love on the Dole
  Major Barbara
  The Maltese Falcon
  Man Hunt
  The Man Who Lost Himself
  Man-Made Monster
  Married Bachelor
  Meet John Doe
  Meet John Doughboy
  Meet the Chump
  The Men In Her Life
  Men of Boys Town
  Mercy island
  Miss Polly
  Model Wife
  Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  Mr. District Attorney
  Never Give A Sucker An Even Break
  New Wine
  No Hands On The Clock
  Notes to You
  Old Bill and Son
  One Foot In Heaven
  Out of Darkness
  Pals of the Pecos
  Petticoat Politics
  The Pittsburgh Kid
  Porky's Ant
  Porky's Bear Facts
  Porky's Midnight Matinee
  Porky's Pooch
  Porky's Preview
  Porky's Prize Pony
  Porky's Snooze Reel
  Prairie Pioneers
  Rage in Heaven
  Rags to Riches
  Reaching for the Sun
  Red River Valley
  Rhapsody in Rivets
  Ride On, Vaquero
  Road to Zanzibar
  Robin Hood of the Pecos
  Robinson Crusoe, Jr.
  Rookie Revue
  Saddle Silly
  Sailors on Leave
  San Francisco Docks
  Scattergood Meets Broadway
  The Sea Wolf
  Seargant York
  Sergeant York
  Sheriff of Tombstone
  Shining Victory
  Singapore Woman
  Smilin' Through
  Sniffles Bells the Cat
  Snow Time for Comedy
  Sport Chumpions
  The Strawberry Blonde
  Suicide Squadron
  Sullivan's Travels
  Sun Valley Serenade
  Swamp Water
  Tanks a Million
  Target for Tonight
  That Hamilton Woman
  That Night In Rio
  They Died With Their Boots On
  They Met in Argentina
  Tight Shoes
  Tobacco Road
  Topper Returns
  Tortoise Beats Hare
  Toy Trouble
  The Trial of Mr. Wolf
  Turned Out Nice Again
  Tuxedo Junction
  Two-Face Woman
  Unfinished Business
  The Vanishing Virginian
  Wabbit Twouble
  The Wacky Worm
  The Wagons Roll at Night
  We Go Fast
  We, the Animals - Squeak!
  West of Cimarron
  Western Daze
  When Ladies Meet
  Where Did You Get That Girl?
  Whistling in the Dark
  The Wolf Man
  A Woman's Face
  A Yank In The R.A.F.
  You'll Never Get Rich
  Your Last Act

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