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Undetermined 1950 Releases

  8 Ball Bunny
  Again… Pioneers
  All a Bir-r-r-rd
  All About Eve
  American Guerrilla in the Philippines
  Annie Get Your Gun
  The Asphalt Jungle
  At War With the Army
  Atom Man vs. Superman
  The Avengers
  The Baron of Arizona
  Between Midnight And Dawn
  The Big Hangover
  Big House Bunny
  The Big Lift
  Bitter Springs
  Black Hand
  The Black Rose
  Bólidos de Acero
  Boobs in the Woods
  The Brave Engineer
  Bright Leaf
  Broken Arrow
  Bunker Hill Bunny
  Bushy Hare
  Cage of Gold
  California Passage
  Canary Row
  Capitán Demonio
  Captain Carey, U.S.A.
  The Capture
  Cargo To Capetown
  Cartain Carey, U.S.A.
  Caveman Inki
  Chain Lightning
  Champagne For Caesar
  Cheaper by the Dozen
  Colt. 45
  Copper Canyon
  Crazy Uproar
  Cure for Love
  Cyrano De Bergerac
  Dakota Lil
  The Damned Don't Cry
  Dark City
  The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady
  Davy Crockett, Indian Scout
  Dear Caroline
  Destination Moon
  Destination Murder
  Devil's Doorway
  Dial 1119
  Dog Gone South
  A Dog's Life (Vita Da Cani)
  Double Confession
  Duchess of Idaho
  The Ducksters
  Due Mogli Sono Troppe
  E Piu Facile Che Un CamelloÖ
  Edge of Doom
  An Egg Scramble
  El Cielo en las Manos
  Experiment Alcatraz
  Eye Witness (Your Witness)
  Family Portrait
  Fancy Pants
  Father of the Bride
  Fifty Years Before Your Eyes
  The Fireball
  The Flame And The Arrow
  For Heaven's Sake
  A Fractured Leghorn
  Francis the Talking Mule
  Fuga dalla Città
  The Fuller Brush Girl
  The Furies
  The Glass Menagerie
  The Goldbergs
  Golden Salamander
  Golden Yeggs
  The Great Jewel Robber
  The Great Manhunt
  Guilty Bystander
  Guilty of Treason
  Gun Crazy (Deadly Is The Female)
  The Gunfighter
  The Happy Years
  Harriet Craig
  Highly Dangerous
  Highway 301
  Hillbilly Hare
  His Bitter Half
  Holiday Rhythm
  Home, Tweet Home
  Homeless Hare
  House by the River
  Hurdy-Gurdy Hare
  The Hypo-Chondri-Cat
  I Married a Comunist
  In A Lonely Place
  It's a Small World
  It's Hummer Time
  The Jackie Robinson Story
  Key to the City
  Kill or Be Killed
  Kill the Umpire
  The Killer That Stalked New York
  Kumo No Mati
  A Lady Without Passport
  Le Mystère du quai de Conti
  The Leghorn Blows at Midnight
  Les Miserables: Gods and Demons
  Let's Dance
  A Life of Her Own
  The Lion's Busy
  Love That Brute
  The Magnet
  The Magnificent Yankee
  The Men
  The Miniver Story
  Mother Didn't Tell Me
  Mr. Music
  The Mudlark
  Mutiny on the Bunny
  My Blue Heaven
  My Friend Irma Goes West
  Napoli Milionaria
  The Next Voice You Hear
  Night And The City
  No Man Of Her Own
  No Resting Place
  No Sad Songs For Me
  No Trace
  No Way Out
  One Too Many
  Operation Disaster
  Ore Wa Yojinbo
  Orpheus (Orphee)
  Our Very Own
  The Outriders
  Paid In Full
  Panic In The Streets
  Perfect Strangers
  The Petty Girl
  Please Believe Me
  Pop 'im Pop!
  Portrait of Clare
  Pretty Baby
  The Pretty Girl
  Rabbit of Seville
  Radar Secret Service
  The Reformer And The Redhead
  Riding High
  Right Cross
  Rio Grande
  Rocketship X-M
  The Rocking Horse Winner
  Rocky Mountain
  Rookie Fireman
  The Scarlet Pumpernickel
  Senka No Hate
  September Affair
  Seven Days to Noon
  Shadow on the Wall
  Side Street
  Simei Hannin
  Singing Guns
  The Skipper Surprised His Wife
  So Long at the Fair
  So Young So Bad
  Stage Fright
  Stars in My Crown
  Stooge for a Mouse
  Strife with Father
  Summer Stock
  The Sundowners
  Sunset Boulevard
  The Tattooed Stranger
  This Side of the Law
  Three Came Home
  Three Little Words
  Three Secrets
  A Ticket to Tomahawk
  To Please a Lady
  The Toast of New Orleans
  Trail of Robin Hood
  Treasure Island
  Two Flags West
  Two's a Crowd
  Under My Skin
  The Underworld Story
  Union Station
  Wagon Master
  The West Point Story
  What's Up Doc?
  When Willie Comes Marching Home
  Where the Sidewalk Ends
  White Beast
  Woman from Headquaters
  The Yellow Cab Man
  Young Man with a Horn

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