February 1953 (view details)

2/5Peter Pan

March 1953 (view details)

3/20Destination Gobi

Undetermined 1953 Releases

  The 49th Man
  The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T
  Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  The Actress
  Admiral Ushakov
  Africa Under the Seas
  All Ashore
  All I Desire
  All the Brothers Were Valiant
  Always a Bride
  Angel Face
  Anni Dificili
  Ant Pasted
  Attack from the Sea
  The Band Wagon
  The Bandits of Corsica
  Battle Circus
  The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms
  Beau Fixe
  Before Dawn
  Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
  Berre, cité dupétrole
  The Big Heat
  Blowing Wild
  Botany Bay
  Break To Freedom (Albert R.N.)
  Bright Road
  Bully for Bugs
  By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
  Calamity Jane
  Call Me Madam
  Captain Scarface
  The Captain's Paradise
  Cat-Tails for Two
  Cats A-Weigh!
  Catty Cornered
  Cease Fire!
  The Charge At Feather River
  City Beneath The Sea
  The Clown
  Code Two
  Column South
  The Command
  Confidentially Connie
  The Conquest of Everest
  Cose da Pazzi
  The Cruel Sea
  Dangerous Crossing
  Daybreak Express
  Dementia (Daughter of Horror)
  Desert Among the Sheltering Palms
  The Desert Rats
  The Desert Song
  Devil On Horseback
  Devil's Canyon
  Don't Give Up the Sheep
  Down Among the Sheltering Palms
  Duck Amuck
  Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century
  Duck! Rabbit, Duck!
  Eagle of the Pacific
  East of Sumatra
  Easy Peckin's
  Escape from Fort Bravo
  Fair Wind To Java
  The Farmer Takes a Wife
  Fear and Desire
  The Final Test
  Forever Female
  Forward March Hare
  Fowl Weather
  From A to Z-Z-Z-Z
  From Here to Eternity
  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  The Girl Next Door
  The Girl Who Had Everything
  Girls In The Night
  Give a Girl a Break
  The Golden Blade
  The Great Jesse James Raid
  The Great Sioux Uprising
  Gun Belt
  Gun Fury
  Hare Trimmed
  Himeyuri no tô
  The Holly And The Ivy
  House of Wax
  How to Marry a Millionaire
  I Beheld His Glory
  I Confess
  I Vitelloni
  I, The Jury
  Indiscretion of an American Wife (Station Terminus)
  A Is for Atom
  Island in the Sky
  It Came from Outer Space
  It Happens Every Thursday
  The Jazz Singer
  The Juggler
  Julius Caesar
  Kin-san Monogatari
  Kiss Me Cat
  Kiss Me Kate
  Knights of the Round Table
  L' Esclave
  La Valiqia dei Sogni
  Lasciateci in Pace
  Last Of The Comanches
  The Last Posse
  Law And Order
  Le Boulanger De Valorgue (The Wild Oat)
  Le Largage à six heures du matin
  A Lion Is In The Streets
  Little Boy Lost
  Little Johnny Jet
  The Lone Hand
  Love in the City
  Luxury Girls (Fanciulle Di Lusso)
  Malta Story
  Man Beast and Virtue
  The Man Behind the Gun
  The Man Between
  Man Crazy
  The Man From The Alamo
  Man On A Tightrope
  The Man Who Watched the Trains Go By
  Man with a Million
  The Master of Ballantrae
  The Member Of The Wedding
  Mesa of Lost Women
  Mister Scoutmaster
  Monika, the Story of a Bad Girl
  The Moonlighter
  A Mouse Divided
  Mr. Hulot's Holiday
  Much Ado About Nutting
  Muscle Tussle
  Mystery Lake
  The Naked Spur
  The Net
  Never Wave At A Wac
  No Escape
  Noi Due Soli
  Of Rice and Hen
  Off Limits
  A Peck o' Trouble
  A Perilous Journey
  Personal Affair
  Phantom from Space
  Pickup on South Street
  Plop Goes the Weasel
  The President's Lady
  Prima di Sera
  Prince of Pirates
  Punch Trunk
  The Red Beret
  Remains to Be Seen
  Return To Paradise
  Ride, Vaquero!
  The Robe
  Robot Monster
  Robot Rabbit
  Rogue's March
  Roman Holiday
  Run for the Hills
  Savage Mutiny
  Scampolo 53'
  Scandal At Scourie
  Scared Stiff
  Sea Devils
  Senba Zuru
  Shark River
  Sins of Jezebel
  Siren of Bagdad
  A Slight Case of Larceny
  Snow Business
  So Big
  So This Is Love
  South Sea Woman
  Southern Fried Rabbit
  Stalag 17
  Star Of India
  Stella Mars
  The Story of Three Loves
  A Street Cat Named Sylvester
  The Sun Shines Bright
  The Sword and the Rose
  The System
  T.V. Of Tomorrow
  Take Me To Town
  Take the High Ground!
  The Tall Texan
  Tanga Tika
  Target Hong Kong
  Tarzan And The She-Devil
  There Auto Be a Law
  Those Redheads from Seattle
  Three Little Pups
  Thunder in the East
  Thunder Over the Plains
  Time Bomb
  The Titfield Thunderbolt
  Tom Tom Tomcat
  Tonight We Sing
  Too Young for Love
  Torch Song
  Treasure of the Golden Condor
  Trouble Along The Way
  Trouble With The Glen
  Universal Musical Featurette: Carnival in April
  Upswept Hare
  The Veils Of Bagdad
  Villa Borghese
  Wages of Fear
  Walking My Baby Back Home
  The War of the Worlds
  When You Read this Letter (Quand tu liras cette lettre)
  White Witch Doctor
  Wicked Woman
  The Wild One
  Wild Over You
  Will Any Gentleman…?
  The World's Most Beautiful Girls
  Young Bess
  Zipping Along

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