July 1954 (view details)

7/28On the Waterfront

August 1954 (view details)

8/4Magnificent Obsession

December 1954 (view details)

12/2320,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Undetermined 1954 Releases

  About Mrs. Leslie
  The Adventures of Hajji Baba
  Animal Farm
  Au pays de Guillaume le Conquérant
  Au rythme du siècle
  Aunt Clara
  Bad Day at Black Rock
  Ballata Tragica
  The Bamboo Prison
  The Barefoot Battalion
  The Barefoot Contessa (La contessa scalza)
  Beau Brummell
  Bell Hoppy
  Bengal Brigade
  Bewitched Bunny
  The Black Night
  The Black Shield of Falworth
  Black Widow
  The Bounty Hunter
  The Boy from Oklahoma
  The Boys from Leningrad
  The Bridges at Toko-Ri
  Broken Lance
  A Bullet Is Waiting
  The Caine Mutiny
  Cape Ashizuri
  Captain Hareblower
  Captain Kidd And The Slave Girl
  Carmen Jones
  Cat Women Of The Moon
  The Cats Bah
  Cattle Queen of Montana
  Cento Anni D'Amore
  Chance Meeting (The Young Lovers)
  Claws for Alarm
  Continente perduto (Lost Continent)
  The Country Girl
  Creature from the Black Lagoon
  Crest of the Wave
  Crime Wave
  Cronaca di un Delitto
  Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
  Day Of Triumph
  Deep in My Heart
  Delayed Action
  Demetrius and the Gladiators
  Design for Leaving
  The Detective
  Devil Girl from Mars
  Dial M for Murder
  The Divided Heart
  Dog Pounded
  Double Exposure
  Dr. Jerkyl's Hide
  Drum Beat
  The Egyptian
  Elephant Walk
  The End of the Road
  Ennemi Public #1
  Feline Frame-up
  Fireman Save My Child
  Flesh and Desire
  Flight Nurse
  For Better, For Worse
  Four Guns to the Border
  Garden of Evil
  Giorni d'Amore
  The Glenn Miller Story
  Go, Man, Go
  Godzilla (Gojira)
  Gone Batty
  Goo Goo Goliath
  The Good Die Young
  Green Fire
  The Happiness of Three Women
  Hell and High Water
  Her Twelve Men
  The High And The Mighty
  His Majesty O'Keefe
  Hobson's Choice
  How Non Boing Boing
  Human Desire
  The Human Jungle
  Human Torpedoes
  Hunters Of The Deep
  I Gopher You
  Il Letto
  Il Matrimonio
  The Iron Glove
  Jail Bait
  Jesse James vs. The Daltons
  Johnny Dark
  Johnny Guitar
  Journey to Italy (Viaggio in Italia)
  Jubilee Trail
  Kakute Yume Ari
  Khyber Patrol
  King of the Khyber Rifles
  King Richard And The Crusaders
  L'Univers Du Trio
  La Domencia Della Buona Gente
  La Grande Cité d'Angkor
  La Grande Speranza
  La Strada
  La Tua Donna
  La Vergine Moderna
  Land of Fury
  Launched A Thousand Ships)
  Le Due Orfanelle
  Lease of Life
  Les Amantis Du Tage
  Life With Father
  Little Boy Boo
  Little Toot
  The Lone Gun
  Long John Silver
  The Long, Long Trailer
  The Love Lottery
  Loves Of Three Queens (Helen Of Troy - The Face That
  Lucky Me
  Lumber Jack-Rabbit
  Mad About Men
  The Maggie
  Make Haste to Live
  Matar ou Correr
  Men of the Fighting Lady
  Midori No Nakama
  Miss Robin Crusoe
  Money from Home
  Monster from the Ocean Floor
  Muzzle Tough
  Naked Alibi
  The Naked Jungle
  Night People
  No Barking
  No Parking Hare
  Nytherini peripetia
  O Dromos me tis Akakies
  The Oily American
  One Good Turn
  Operazione Notte
  The Other Woman
  The Outlaw Stallion
  Overland Pacific
  Panama Hattie
  Phantom of the Rue Morgue
  Première croisière
  Prince of Players
  Prince Valiant
  Prisoner of War
  Private Hell 36
  A Prize Of Gold
  Quack Shot
  The Rainbow Jacket
  Rear Window
  Regards sur L'Indochine
  Return To Treasure Island
  Ride Clear of Diablo
  Riding Shotgun
  River of No Return
  Rogue Cop
  Rose Marie
  A Samurai's Love
  Sandy Claws
  Satan's Waitin'
  Scuola Elementare
  The Sea Shall Not Have Them
  Secret of the Incas
  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai)
  Sign of the Pagan
  Silent Raiders
  The Silver Chalice
  Sins of Casanova
  The Sleeping Tiger
  So This Is Paris
  A Star Is Born
  Star of My Night
  Stop! Look! and Hasten!
  Stormy, the Thoroughbred
  Sucedió en Buenos Aires
  Susan Slept Here
  Tanima No Resiki
  That Lady
  There's No Business Like Show Business
  This Is My Love
  Three Coins in the Fountain
  Touch and Go
  Twist of Fate (The Beautiful Stranger)
  Up to His Neck
  Valley of the Kings
  Variety Stars
  Vera Cruz
  Via Padova
  The Vicious Breed
  The Violent Men
  War in the Air
  West of Zanzibar
  The Widow
  Wild Wife
  Windfall in Athens
  Woman's World
  World for Ransom
  Yankee Pasha
  Yellow Mountain
  The Yellow Tomahawk
  You Know What Sailors Are
  Young at Heart

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