May 1957 (view details)

5/8Saint Joan

September 1957 (view details)

9/23The Three Faces Of Eve

Undetermined 1957 Releases

  12 Angry Men
  20 Million Miles to Earth
  3:10 to Yuma
  5 Steps to Danger
  Across the Bridge
  Affair in Havana
  Affair in Reno
  An Affair to Remember
  Ali Baba Bunny
  April Love
  The Astounding She-Monster
  Attack of the Crab Monsters
  The Bachelor Party
  Badlands of Montana
  Band of Angels
  Barnacle Bill
  The Barretts of Wimpole Street
  Beginning of the End
  Belles Of St. Trinian's
  The Big Land
  Big Time Operators
  The Birthday Present
  Bitter Victory
  Black Patch
  The Black Scorpion
  Bombers B-52
  Bop Girl Goes Calypso
  Boy On A Dolphin
  The Brain from Planet Arous
  The Bridge on the River Kwai
  Brothers in Law
  The Buckskin Lady
  Bugsy and Mugsy
  The Buster Keaton Story
  Campbell's Kingdom
  A Chaity Tale
  Cheese It, the Cat!
  China Gate
  Confessions of Felix Krull
  Cosmic Capers
  Count Max
  The Crucible
  The Curse of Frankenstein
  The Cyclops
  The D.I.
  Daigaku no Machitachi
  The Dalton Girls
  Dangerous Exile
  The Deadly Mantis
  Decision at Sundown
  The Deerslayer
  Defence Force of the Earth
  The Delicate Delinquent
  Designing Women
  Desk Set
  The Devil's Hairpin
  Don't Go Near the Water
  Dragstrip Girl
  Edge of the City
  El Jefe
  The Enemy Below
  Enemy from Space
  Escapade In Japan
  A Farewell to Arms
  Fear Strikes Out
  Fire Down Below
  Flesh and the Spur
  The Flute and the Arrow
  Four Boys and a Gun
  Funny Face
  The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown
  Gambling Man
  Ghost Diver
  The Giant Claw
  Girl in His Pocket
  The Girl Most Likely
  Gonzales Tamales
  The Good Companions
  Goofy Gardeners
  Gun Duel in Durango
  Gun Glory
  Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
  Gunsight Ridge
  Happy is the Bride
  The Hard Man
  A Hatful Of Rain
  He Who Must Die
  The Heart Within
  Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison
  Hell Bound
  Hell Canyon Outlaws
  Hell on Devil's Island
  Hell Ship Mutiny
  Hellcats of the Navy
  Historia de una Carta
  Hkyayu no Hanabira
  Hkyayu no Hanabira: Kanketsuhen
  Horse and Carriage
  Hot Rod Rumble
  Hot Summer Night
  The House of Intrigue
  House of Numbers
  The Hurdy-Gurdy
  The Hypnotist
  I Dipsa
  I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  Ikiteiru koheiji
  Il Medico E Lo Stregone
  The Incredible Shrinking Man
  Invasion of the Saucer-Men
  The Invisible Boy
  Island In The Sun
  Italia Piccola
  Jailhouse Rock
  The James Dean Story
  Jeanne Eagels
  Jet Pilot
  Joe Dakota
  Johnny Tremain
  The Joker Is Wild
  The Kettles On Old MacDonald's Farm
  Kill Her Gently
  Kindermdchen fr Papa gesucht
  A King in New York
  The King's Musketeers
  L'oceano ci chiama
  L'ultima violenza
  La Generation Du Desert
  La Nuit des rois
  The Land Unknown
  Last Day of Samurai
  Le Corbusier, l'architecte du bonheur
  Le Tripoteur
  Legend of the Lost
  Lemkes sel. Witwe
  Les Girls
  Les Marines
  The Little Hut
  The Lonely Man
  The Long Haul
  Love In The Afternoon
  Loving You
  The Lower Depths
  Lucky Jim
  Man Afraid
  Man in the Shadow
  Man of a Thousand Faces
  Man Of Fire
  Man On The Prowl
  The Man Without a Body
  Mark of the Vampire
  A Matter of Dignity
  Men In War
  Mister Cory
  Monkey on My Back
  The Monolith Monsters
  Monster from Green Hell
  The Monster That Challenged the World
  Mouse-Taken Identity
  The Mysterians
  Nagasugita Haru
  Naked In The Sun
  Naked Paradise
  Night Ambush
  The Night Heaven Fell
  Night of the Demon
  Night Passage
  The Night Runner
  Nights Of Cabiria
  Nikui Mono
  No Down Payment
  No Time to Be Young
  Not of This Earth
  Oh, Men! Oh, Women!
  The Oklahoman
  Old Yeller
  Omar Khayyam
  On the Bowery
  An Osaka Story
  The Pajama Game
  Pal Joey
  Paradise Lagoon
  Parola di Ladro
  Paths of Glory
  Peyton Place
  Piker's Peak
  Plumber of Seville
  Plunder Road
  Poor But Beautiful (Poveri, ma belli)
  Pretty But Poor (Belle ma povere)
  The Pride And The Passion
  The Prince and the Showgirl
  Public Pigeon No. 1
  Questo Nostro Mundo
  Raintree County
  Reform School Girl
  Revolt at Fort Laramie
  The Ride Back
  Ride Out for Revenge
  Run Of The Arrow
  The Saga of Andy Burnett
  Scrambled Aches
  Search For Paradise
  The Secret Place
  The Seventh Sin
  She Devil
  She Played with Fire
  The Shiralee
  Sierra Stranger
  Silk Stockings
  Sissi: The Fateful Years of an Empress (Sissi - Schicksalsjahre einer Kaiserin)
  Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
  Slim Carter
  Something of Value
  Sorority House
  The Spies
  The Spirit Of St. Louis
  The Storm Rider
  The Story of Esther Costello
  Stowaway Girl
  Stranger's Meeting
  Street of Sinners
  The Sun Also Rises
  Sweet Smell of Success
  Tabasco Road
  The Tall Stranger
  The Tall T
  Tammy and the Bachelor
  Tarzan and the Lost Safari
  Teatro del Crimen
  Teenage Thunder
  That Night!
  Three Violent People
  Throne of Blood
  Time Limit
  The Tin Star
  Tip on a Dead Jockey
  Tis tyhis ta Grammena
  Tomahawk Trail
  Trooper Hook
  Trouble for Fathers
  The True Story of Jesse James
  The Truth About Mother Goose
  Una Viuda Difcil
  The Undead
  Undersea Girl
  The Unholy Wife
  Untamed Youth
  Until They Sail
  Uomini e lupi (Men and Wolves)
  Value For Money
  Venga a Bailar el Rock
  The Vintage
  Violencia en la Ciudad
  Voodoo Island
  Wanton Murder
  War Drums
  The Wayward Bus
  The Wetback Hound
  White Nights (Le Notti Bianche)
  Wicked As They Come
  Wild is the Wind
  Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?
  Windom's Way
  The Wings of Eagles
  Yangtse Incident: Portrait of the Amethyst (Battle Hell)
  The Young Don't Cry
  Young Girls Beware (Mefiez-vous, fillettes)
  The Young Stranger
  Yujo Monogatari
  Zoku ban: F unhen
  Zokuzoku ban: Dto uhen
  Zombies of Mora Tau
  Zoom and Bored

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