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5/6These Thousand Hills

Undetermined 1959 Releases

  1001 Arabian Nights
  The 39 Steps
  The 400 Blows
  Adorable Sinner (Katia)
  Age of the Gods
  Al Capone
  The Alligator People
  Anatomy of a Murder
  The Angry Hills
  The Angry Red Planet
  Appointment with a Shadow
  Aruhi watashi wa
  Ask Any Girl
  Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti
  Bad Boys
  Banner in the Sky
  Battle in Outer Space
  The Battle Of The Coral Sea
  Beloved Infidel
  The Best Of Everything
  The Big Boss
  The Big Circus
  The Big Night (La notte brava)
  Black Orpheus (Orfeu Negro)
  The Blue Angel
  Blue Denim
  Boy And The Bridge
  Brevi amori a Palma di Maiorca
  Buenos Días, Buenos Aires
  Busch Gardens Theme Park
  The Captain's Table
  Cast a Long Shadow
  Ce Soir on Tue
  The Chaplin Revue
  City of Fear
  The Cosmic Man
  Count Your Blessings
  Crack In the Mirror
  Curse of the Undead
  Daigaku no Nijuhachin
  Darby O'Gill and the Little People
  The Day It Rained
  Day Of The Outlaw
  Des ruines et des hommes
  Desert Desperados
  The Devil's Disciple
  Dial 1-1-1
  Diary of a High School Bride
  The Diary of Anne Frank
  A Dog's Best Friend
  Dokuritsu gurentai
  Edge of Eternity
  El Crack
  Elephant Gun
  The End of the Line
  Entre la terre et le ciel
  Erotikes Istories
  European Nights (Europa di notte)
  Face of a Fugitive
  The FBI Story
  First on the Road
  The Five Pennies
  Fleuve invisible
  Floods of Fear
  The Flying Fontaines
  Forbidden Island
  The Fugitive Kind
  Gangster Boss (Le grand chef)
  The Gazebo
  The Gene Krupa Story
  Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow
  The Giant Behemoth
  The Giant of Marathon (La battaglia di Maratona)
  Gigantis The Fire Monster
  The Girl in Lovers Lane
  Gokigen musume
  Goliath and the Barbarians (Il terrore dei barbari)
  Great Van Robbery
  The Great War
  Green Mansions
  The Gunfight a Dodge City
  The Hanging Tree
  The Hangman
  The Heart of a Man
  Hey Boy! Hey Girl!
  High School Big Shot
  Hiroshima mon amour
  A Hole In The Head
  Holiday for Lovers
  Hook, Line and Sinker
  Horrors of the Black Museum
  The Horse Soldiers
  The Hound of the Baskervilles
  Hound-Dog Man
  The House of the Seven Hawks
  I magliari (The Magliari)
  I Mobster
  I ragazzi dei Parioli
  I Spit on Your Grave (J'irai cracher sur vos tombes)
  Il moralista
  Images des Mondes Perdus
  Images pour Baudelaire
  Imitation of Life
  The Immoral Mr. Teas
  Inao: The Story of Iron Arm
  It Happened to Jane
  It Started with a Kiss
  Jack the Ripper
  The Jayhawkers!
  Jazz on a Summer's Day
  John Paul Jones
  Johnny Trouble
  The Journey
  Journey to the Center of the Earth
  Kiddie League
  Killer Stewardess
  Killers of Kilimanjaro
  La Ciudad Sagrada
  La Corde Raide
  The Lady Is a Square
  The Last Days of Pompeii (Gli ultimi giorni di Pompei)
  Last Train from Gun Hill
  Le Bel Age
  Le Bossu
  Le Main Chaude
  Le Montreur d'ombres
  Le Tapis Volant
  Le Vel'-D'Hiv
  Leda (Web of Passion / A double tour)
  The Legend of Tom Dooley
  Legions of the Nile (Le legioni di Cleopatra)
  Les Cousins
  Les Etoiles Du Midi
  Les liaisons dangereuses
  Li'l Abner
  Lisa, Tosca of Athens
  Love is When You Make It
  Loves of a Greek in Paris
  The Magistrate (Il magistrato)
  Malrif, Aigle Royal
  The Man in the Net
  The Man Who Could Cheat Death
  The Man Who Liked Funerals
  The Mating Game
  The Miracle
  The Miracle on the Hills
  A Mistress for the Summer
  Moment of Passion
  Moochie of the Little League
  The Moonwalkers
  Morte di un Amico
  The Mouse That Roared
  Mouse Trapped
  Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu
  Never So Few
  Never Steal Anything Small
  The Night of the Great Attack (La notte del grande assalto)
  Night of the Quarter Moon
  The Nights of Lucretia Borgia
  No Name on the Bullet
  Noah's Ark
  North by Northwest
  The Nun's Story
  Odds Against Tomorrow
  On The Beach
  On the Eve
  Operation Bullshine
  Operation Petticoat
  Paratroop Command
  Pier 5, Havana
  Pillow Talk
  Plan 9 From Outer Space
  Porgy and Bess
  Pork Chop Hill
  Poveri milionari
  The Price of Silence
  Prisoner of the Volga (I battellieri del Volga)
  A Private's Affair
  The Rabbit Trap
  The Race For Space
  The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker
  Return Of The Fly
  Ride Lonesome
  Rio Bravo
  Room at the Top
  Ruggles of Red Gap
  The Sad Horse
  Samurai Saga
  The Savage Eye
  Say One for Me
  The Scapegoat
  Season of Passion
  Serengeti (Serengeti darf nicht sterben)
  Shake Hands with the Devil
  Sign of the Gladiator
  Sleeping Beauty
  Solomon And Sheba
  Some Like It Hot
  SOS Pacific
  The Sound and the Fury
  The Story On Page One
  Subway in the Sky
  A Summer Place
  The Sword and the Flute
  Take a Giant Step
  Tank Commandos
  They Came to Cordura
  The Third Voice
  This Earth Is Mine
  The Thousand Hills
  Thunder in the Sun
  Tiger Bay
  To Ksilo vgike apo ton Paradiso
  To Nis ton Genaion
  Toccata for Toy Trains
  Tokyo After Dark
  The Treasure of San Teresa
  The Turn of the Screw
  Un Ettaro Di Cielo
  Un Temoin dans la ville
  Une Fille Pour L'Ete (A Girl For The Summer)
  Violent Summer (Estate violenta)
  Virgin Sacrifice
  Voulez-Vous Dansez Avec Moi (Come Dance with Me!)
  When Angels Fall
  Whistle in My Heart
  The Wild and the Innocent
  The Witness
  The Woman and the Pirate
  Woman Eater
  Woman Obsessed
  The Wonderful Country
  The World of Apu
  The World, the Flesh and the Devil
  The Wreck of the Mary Deare
  Y'en a Marre
  Yesterday's Enemy
  The Young Land
  The Young Philadelphians
  Zaloggo to kastro tis Lefterias

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