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November 1960 (view details)

TBDLetter Never Sent (Neotpravlennoye pismo)

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Undetermined 1960 Releases

  13 Ghosts
  The 3 Worlds of Gulliver
  Acid Beach Party
  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  The Alamo
  All the Fine Young Cannibals
  The Angel Wore Red
  The Angry Silence
  The Apartment
  Arretez les tambours
  Atom Age Vampire (Seddok, l'erede di Satana)
  The Bad Sleep Well
  Battle Beyond the Sun
  The Battle of Austerlitz
  Because They're Young
  Bells Are Ringing
  The Big Day
  The Big Gamble
  The Big Risk
  The Black Sheep
  Black Sunday (La maschera del demonio)
  Blue Pullman
  Bluebeard's Ten Honeymoons
  The Boy and the Pirates
  The Bramble Bush
  A Breath of Scandal
  Breathless (A bout de souffle)
  The Brides of Dracula
  BUtterfield 8
  Cage of Evil
  Carthage in Flames
  Cash McCall
  Chiamate 22-22 tenente Sheridan (Dial 22-22 / Call 22-22 Lieutenant Sheridan)
  Chinbind˘ shűjin
  A Circle of Deception
  Circus of Horrors
  The Clue of the New Pin
  Colossus and the Amazon Queen (La regina delle Amazzoni)
  Crossroads to Crime
  The Crowded Sky
  Daigaku no sanz˘kutachi
  Daniel Boone
  The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs
  Date Bait
  The Day They Robbed The Bank Of England
  Die Frau am dunklen Fenster
  A Dog of Flanders
  Dokku No. 3
  Dokuritsu gurentai nishi-e
  Elmer Gantry
  The Enemy General
  The Entertainer
  Expresso Bongo
  Eyes Without a Face (Les Yeux Sans Visage)
  Faces in the Dark
  The Facts of Life
  Father of the Bride
  Ferragosto in bikini
  Fish Hooked
  Five Branded Women (Jovanka e le altre)
  Flaming Star
  A French Mistress
  From The Terrace
  A Full Life
  G.I. Blues
  The Gambling Samurai
  Gametsui Musume
  The Giants of Thessaly (I giganti della Tessaglia)
  The Glass Mountain
  Goliath and the Dragon
  Goliath II
  The Good Time Girls (Les bonnes femmes)
  The Great Impostor
  The Gun of Zangara
  Guns of the Timberland
  Heap Big Hepcat
  Hell Bent for Leather
  Heller In Pink Tights
  High School Caesar
  High Time
  Home from the Hill
  The Horse with the Flying Tail
  House of Fright (The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll)
  The House of Usher
  Howlers of the Dock (Urlatori alla sbarra)
  The Huns (La regina dei tartari)
  I Aim At The Stars
  I dolci inganni
  I Kyria Dimarhos
  I Passed For White
  I Want to Be a Shellfish
  Ice Palace
  Il vigile (The Traffic Policeman)
  In the Nick!
  Inherit the Wind
  Innocent Sorcerers
  It Happened In '43 (La Lunga Notte del '43)
  Jack of Spades
  The Joker
  L'Amerique Insolite
  L'Amour existe
  L'Homme Ó Femmes
  La Banda del Buco
  La Dolce Vita
  La GarconniÚre
  Las Furias
  The Last Gunfight
  Last Woman on Earth
  Le Coeur Battant
  Le Farceur
  Le Svedesi
  Le Trou
  The Leech Woman
  Les Jeux De L'Amour
  Les loups dans la bergerie (The Wolves in the Sheepfold)
  Les Pique-assiette
  Les Portes Claquent
  Let's Get Married
  Let's Make Love
  The Little Shop of Horrors
  The Lost World
  Love and the Frenchwoman
  The Love Game
  Love Play
  The Magnificent Seven
  The Making Of The President
  Man in a Cocked Hat (Carlton Brown of the F.O.)
  Marche ou creve (March or Die)
  Me Faire ca Ó Moi
  Merci Natercia!
  Mill of the Stone Women (Il mulino delle donne di pietr)
  The Mountain Road
  Murder, Inc.
  The Music Box Kid
  Never Let Go
  Never on Sunday (Jamais le dimanche)
  Nobody's Calling
  Noose for a Gunman
  North to Alaska
  Ocean's 11
  The Old Guard
  One Foot In Hell
  Otoko tai otoko
  Overland Trail
  Pay Or Die
  Peeping Tom
  Pension Sch÷ller
  Peter Pan
  Phantom Lovers (Fantasmi A Roma)
  Please Don't Eat the Daisies
  The Plunderers
  Portrait in Black
  Pretty Boy Floyd
  Princesse de ClŔves
  Purple Noon
  Radevou stin Kerkyra
  Randevou stin Kerkyra
  The Rat Race
  Recours En Grace
  The Rise And Fall Of Legs Diamond
  Rocco and His Brothers (Rocco e i suoi fratelli)
  Sßbado a la Noche, Cine
  Scent of Mystery
  School for Scoundrels
  The Season for Love
  See You Tomorrow
  Sergeant X of the Foreign Legion
  Seven Thieves
  Seven Ways from Sundown
  Shinran Part II
  Shiroi Shin
  Shoot the Piano Player (Tirez sur le pianiste)
  Sink the Bismarck!
  Song Without End
  Sons and Lovers
  Stories of the Revolution
  The Story Of Ruth
  Stowaway in the Sky (Le voyage en ballon)
  Strangers When We Meet
  The Stranglers of Bombay
  Studs Lonigan
  The Subterraneans
  Suddenly Last Summer
  The Sundowners
  Sunrise At Campobello
  Surprise Package
  Swiss Family Robinson
  Tall Story
  Terrain Vague
  Tess of the Storm Country
  The Testament of Orpheus
  Thirteen Fighting Men
  This Rebel Breed
  The Threat
  Three Came to Kill
  Three Worlds of Gulliver
  The Three Worlds Of Gulliver
  The Time Machine
  To Klotsoskoufi
  To Koroidaki tis Despoinidos
  To Potami
  Tokyo Girls
  Too Soon to Love
  The Trails of Oscar Wilde
  Tunes Of Glory
  Two Women (La ciociara)
  Un Couple
  Un deux trois quatre
  Under Ten Flags (Sotto Dieci Bandiere)
  Une Aussi Longue Absence
  Une question d'assurance
  The Unforgiven
  Village of the Damned
  Visit to a Small Planet
  Wake Me When It's Over
  Walk Like a Dragon
  The Walking Target
  Where the Boys Are
  Who Was That Lady?
  Wild For Kicks (Beat Girl)
  Willy, der Privatdetektiv
  The Wizard of Baghdad
  World by Night (Il mondo di notte)
  The World of Suzie Wong
  You Don't Shoot at Angels
  Young Jesse James
  Zorro, the Avenger

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