January 1963 (view details)

TBDThe Raven

May 1963 (view details)

5/8Dr. No

June 1963 (view details)

6/12Donovan's Reef

Undetermined 1963 Releases

  15 from Rome
  4 For Texas
  8 1/2 (Otto E Mezzo)
  Aliki My Love
  Alone in the Pacific
  America, America
  Apache Gold
  Aqua Duck
  Avventura al motel
  Banana Peel (Peau de banane)
  Banty Raids
  Beach Party
  Beetle Bailey and His Friends
  Behold A Pale Horse
  Billy Liar
  The Birds
  Bitter Harvest
  The Black Abbot
  Black Sabbath
  Blague dans le coin
  The Blancheville Monster (Horror)
  Bye Bye Birdie
  Cadavres en Vacances
  Call Me Bwana
  The Cardinal
  The Caretaker
  The Caretakers
  Catherine of Russia
  Cattle King
  Cent mille dollars au soleil (Greed in the Sun)
  Chair de poule
  Chicken Feed for Little Birds
  A Child Is Waiting
  Children of the Damned
  Chili Weather
  Claws in the Lease
  Codename Nectar
  Come Blow Your Horn
  Come Fly with Me
  The Conjugal Bed (Le lit conjugal)
  Contempt (Le mepris)
  The Cracksman
  The Criminal and the Lady
  Das Russische Wunder
  The Day and the Hour
  Dementia 13
  Des pissenlits par la racine
  Devil's Feud Cake
  Diamond Head
  Dime with a Halo
  Don't Temp the Devil (Les bonnes causes)
  Doulos: The Finger Man
  Drums Of Africa
  Duello nel Texas (Gunfight at Red Sands) (Gringo)
  Eburi manshi no yűga-na seikatsu
  El Fin del Mundo
  The Empty Canvas
  Encounter in Space
  The Evil Eye
  Far Is the Road
  Fast Buck Duck
  Five Minutes to Love
  Follow the Boys
  For Love or Money
  Four For Texas
  From Russia with Love
  Fun in Acapulco
  The Funny Side of Life
  A Gathering of Eagles
  Gidget Goes To Rome
  The Girl in the Headlines (The Model Murder Case)
  Gli onorevoli
  Gobanchô yűgirirô
  The Great
  The Great Escape
  The Happy Sixties
  Harakiri (Seppuku)
  Hare-Breadth Hurry
  The Haunted Palace
  The Haunting
  Heavens Above!
  High and Low
  Highway Pick-Up
  Hitler, connais pas
  Home-Made Car
  Hong Kong un addio
  Horror Castle (The Virgin of Nuremberg / La vergine di Norimberga)
  The Hours of Love (Le ore dell'amore)
  I basilischi
  I Was a Teenage Thumb
  Il Boom (The Boom)
  Il Comandante
  Il demonio (The Demon)
  Il Maestro Di Vigevano
  Il mistero del tempio indiano
  Il Processo di Verona
  Il Successo
  Il Terrorista
  In the Cool of the Day
  Irma La Douce
  It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
  Jason And The Argonauts
  Jeu I
  Jinsei gekijo: hisha kaku
  Johnny Cool
  Kali Yug, la dea della vendetta
  King Kong vs. Godzilla
  Kings Of The Sun
  The Kiss of the Vampire
  The Kremlin
  Ktpokardia sto Thranio
  L'Abominable homme des douanes
  L'aîné des Ferchaux (Magnet of Doom)
  L'Empire De La Nuit
  The L-Shaped Room
  La Contrebasse
  La Corruzione
  La cuisine au beurre
  La donna degli altri e sempre piu bella
  La parmigiana
  La Visita (The Visitor)
  La vita provvisoria
  Ladies Who Do
  Ladybug Ladybug
  Lancelot and Guinevere
  Le Grand Escroc
  Le Joli Mai
  Le Mani Sulla Citta
  Le motorizzate
  Le Procčs
  The Leopard (Il Gattopardo)
  The Lieutenant
  Lilies Of The Field
  The List of Adrian Messenger
  The Long Ships
  Los que Verán a Dios
  Lost World of Sinbad
  Love Is a Ball
  Maciste, l'eroe piu grande del mondo (Goliath and the Sins of Babylon)
  Mad as a Mars Hare
  Maigret voit Rouge
  The Man from Galveston
  The Man from the Diner's Club
  Man's Paradise (Il paradiso dell'uomo)
  Marine Battleground (The Marines Who Never Returned / Doraoji anneun haebyong / Marines Are Gone)
  A Marvelous Kid
  Mefiez-vous, mesdames!
  The Mersey Sound
  Mexican Cat Dance
  Milano nera
  The Million Hare
  The Mind Benders
  Mondo Cane No. 2 (Mondo pazzo)
  Mondo matto al neon
  Monsieur Gangster (Les tontons flingueurs)
  Mort, Ou Est Ta Victoire?
  Mourir A Madrid (To Die In Madrid)
  The Mouse on the Moon
  Move Over, Darling
  The Moving Finger
  Murder at the Gallop
  My Six Loves
  Naked World (Mondo Nudo)
  New Tale of Zatoichi
  Night Tide
  Nine Hours To Rama
  Nine Miles to Noon
  Noche de Verano (Il peccato)
  Nunca Pasa Nada
  The Nutty Professor
  Nutty, Naughty Chateau (Chateau en Sučde)
  O Adelfos Mou o Trohonomos
  Of Flesh and Blood (Les grands chemins)
  Of Love and Desire
  The Old Dark House
  Operation Bikini
  The Organizer (I compagni)
  The Other Woman (L'Autre femme)
  Pale Flower
  Palm Springs Weekend
  Papa's Delicate Condition
  Paris When it Sizzles
  Paula Cautiva
  Pent-House Mouse
  The Penthouse
  Piccadilly Zero Hour 12
  The Pink Panther
  The Playboy of the Western World
  Pour L'Espgne
  Presence D'Albert Camus
  The Prize
  PT 109
  The Punch and Judy Man
  The Quick and the Dead
  Rainbow Bridge
  Rat Trap (Le rat d'Amerique)
  Red Berets
  The Red Lanterns (Ta Kokkina Fanaria)
  The Reluctant Spy (L'honorable Stanislas, agent secret)
  Revenge of the Black Knight (La cieca di Sorrento)
  Rikugun zangyaku monogatari
  Robin And The Seven Hoods
  The Running Man
  The Sadist
  Saladin (El Naser Salah el Dine / Saladino / Salladin the Victorious)
  Sammy Going South
  Sandokan, la tigre di Mompracem (Sandokan the Great)
  Savage Sam
  Secret Violence (Violenza Segreta)
  Selva Trágica
  Sengoku yaro
  Siege of the Saxons
  Siralardaki Heyecanlar
  The Small World of Sammy Lee
  Soldier In The Rain
  Son of Flubber
  The Sorcerer
  Spencer's Mountain
  The Stripper
  Summer Magic
  Sunday In New York
  Sweet and Sour (Dragees au poivre)
  The Sword in the Stone
  Taboos of the World (I tabu)
  Take Her, She's Mine
  Tammy And The Doctor
  Ten Gladiators
  The Terror
  They All Died Laughing (A Jolly Bad Fellow)
  Thirteen Assassins
  This Shocking World (Ecco)
  The Thrill of It All
  Thunder Island
  Tintin et le mystere de la Toison d'Or
  To Bed or Not to Bed (Il diavolo)
  To Beep or Not to Beep
  Tom Jones
  Torpedo Bay (Finche dura la tempesta)
  Toto Sexy
  Toto vs. the Four (Toto contro i quattro)
  Toys in the Attic
  Transylvania 6-5000
  Tutto il bello dell'uomo
  Twilight of Honor
  Twin Sisters Of Kyoto
  The Ugly American
  Un roi sans divertissement
  Un tentativo sentimentale (A Sentimental Attempt)
  Under the Yum Yum Tree
  Underworld Informers
  The Unmentionables
  The V.I.P.s
  Vacances portugaises
  The Victors
  Wall of Noise
  War is Hell
  Web of Fear
  The Wheeler Dealers
  When Strangers Meet (La morte vestita di dollari)
  The Whip and the Body (La frusta e il corpo)
  Who's Minding The Store?
  Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?
  Wine, Whisky and Salt Water
  Wives and Lovers
  Women of the World (La donna nel mondo)
  Woolen Under Where
  The World Ten Times Over
  The Wrong Arm of the Law
  X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes
  The Yellow Canary
  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Ieri, oggi, domani)
  The Young and the Brave
  Young Guns of Texas
  The Young Racers
  Zatoichi's Fighting Journey

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