November 1982 (view details)

The Man from Snowy River
The Missionary
White Dog
11/19The Empire Strikes Back (re-release)

December 1982 (view details)

Airplane II: The Sequel
The Toy
48 Hrs.
The Verdict
The Verdict
Trail of the Pink Panther

Undetermined 1982 Releases

  1990: The Bronx Warriors (1990: I guerrieri del Bronx)
  Ace of Aces
  Adon Leon
  The Aftermath
  Ah! Nomugi toge - Shinryokuhen
  Alsino and the Condor
  Amityville II: The Possession
  Another Way
  Anton Muze
  Are We?
  The Atomic Cafe
  Attila flagello di Dio
  Bad Blood
  Ballet Robotique
  Bangor Lads
  Basket Case
  Benjamin und Rita
  Blue Island
  Born Beautiful
  Boulevard des Assassins
  Boys and Girls
  Breakfast In Paris
  Brimstone & Treacle
  Cane River
  A Captain's Honor (L’Honneur d’un capitaine)
  The Challenge
  Charles and Diana: A Royal Love Story
  Che casino... con Pierino!
  The Chosen
  The Class of 1984
  Colpire al Cuore
  Coming Out Of The Ice
  The Cooler
  Country God
  Coup De Torchon (Clean Slate)
  Cuarteles de Invierno
  Dabbel Trabbel
  Dangerous Summer
  The Dark Crystal
  Date with Your Youth
  A Day For Thanks On Waltons Mountain
  Death Valley
  Densetsu-kyoshin Ideon: Sesshoku-hen
  Desparate Lives
  Deux Heures Moins le Quart Avant Jesus-Christ (Quarter to Two Before Jesus Christ)
  Días de Combate
  Divorce Wars: A Love Story
  Don't Go To Sleep
  The Dorm That Dripped Blood (Death Dorm / Pranks)
  The Draughtsman's Contract
  Dreams Don't Lie
  Elenaor, First Lady of the World
  Espion, leve-toi
  Estoy en Crisis
  Experience Preferred… But Not Essential
  The Eyes, the Mouth (Gli occhi, la bocca)
  The Facts of Life Goes to Paris
  Fake Out
  Falcon's Gold
  Family in Blue
  Farrell For The People
  The Final Option
  First Blood
  The First Time
  Five Days One Summer
  Five Element Ninjas
  Flesh And The Devil
  Forbidden World (Mutant)
  Forced Vengeance
  The Forest
  Forty Days of Musa Dagh
  Friend of the Family
  Games Mother Never Taught You
  The Gift
  The Gift of Life
  Guy de Maupassant
  Hail Columbia!
  Hanky Panky
  Hard Feelings
  Harry Tracy, Desperado
  Having It All
  Heidi's Song
  Help Wanted: Male
  Highest Honor
  Hit And Run
  Honkytonk Man
  The House Where Evil Dwells
  How Many Miles to Babylon?
  Human Highway
  I Know That You Know That I Know (Io so che tu sai che io so)
  I Ought to Be in Pictures
  I Was a Mail Order Bride
  I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
  Identification Of A Woman
  Il paramedico
  In Love With An Older Woman
  In Search of the Trojan War
  In the Custody of Strangers
  Indentification of a Woman
  An Innocent Love
  Invitation Au Voyage
  Irezumi: Spirit of Tattoo
  The Island of Adventure
  It's Called Murder, Baby
  Jamais avant le mariage
  Joni Jones
  Journey with Papa (In viaggio con papa)
  Jules et Georgia
  Kamikaze 89
  The Kid from Nowhere
  Kiss Me Goodbye
  Kitty & The Bagman
  Knight Rider: Knight of the Phoenix
  L' Ami e étranger
  L'etoile du Nord (The North Star)
  La Boum 2
  La placa del Diamant
  La Truite (The Trout)
  La Vela Incantata
  Labyrinth of Passions
  Lady with the Llamas
  Land Of Look Behind
  Las Viernes De La Eternidad
  The Last Unicorn
  Latitude 55
  Le grand frere
  Le Père Noël es une ordure
  Le Revanche Des Humanoides
  Le Wagon de Martin
  The Legend Of Walks Far Woman
  Les Grands Ducs
  Let's Spend the Night Together
  The Letter
  The Link
  Liquid Sky
  A Little Sex
  The Long Summer Of George Adams
  Lookin' To Get Out
  Los Fierecillos Indomables
  Love and Money
  Love Child
  The Loveless
  Mae West
  Magic Journeys
  Maid In America
  Making Love
  Man and Superman
  Manhattan Baby (Eye of the Evil Dead / Amulett des Bosen)
  Marco Polo
  Marian Rose White
  Massarati and the Brain
  Menschen Aus Glass
  The Merry Wives of Windsor
  Mi conejo es el mejor
  Mille milliards de dollars
  Miss All-American Beauty
  Monkey Grip
  Monty Python At The Hollywood Bowl
  Morte In Vaticano
  Mother Lode
  Mother's Day On Waltons Mountain
  Muggable Mary, Street Cop
  Murder Is Easy
  Murimgori (Invincible Obsessed Fighter)
  My Body, My Child
  My Favorite Year
  The Mystery at Castle House
  Nancy Astor
  National Lampoon's Class Reunion
  The New York Ripper (Lo squartatore di New York)
  Next of Kin
  Night Shift
  No Place to Hide
  Not in Front of the Children
  Not Just Another Affair
  Odyssey of the Pacific (Treasure Train)
  Off Your Rocker
  An Officer And A Gentleman
  One from the Heart
  One Shoe Makes It Murder
  Pablo Picasso, Painter
  Paper Dolls
  Pares y Nones
  The Passerby (La passante du Sans-Souci)
  The Pedlar
  Permanent Vacation
  Personal Best
  Picasso: A Painter's Story
  Pierino Colpisce Ancora
  Pink Floyd The Wall
  The Plague Dogs
  Plata Dulce
  Praying Mantis
  Prime Suspect
  Q: The Winged Serpent
  Quest for Fire
  Raw Force
  Rehearsal for Murder
  Remembrance of Love
  The Return of the Soldier
  Rocky III
  Rolling Home
  Room 666
  The Rules Of Marriage
  Safari 3000
  Scared to Death
  The Secret Beyond The Door
  The Sender
  The Shock (Le choc)
  Show People
  Silver Spoons
  Sister, Sister
  Six Pack
  Six Weeks
  The Slayer
  The Slumber Party Massacre
  The Snowman
  Soft Targets
  Some Kind of Hero
  Something So Right
  Sophie's Choice
  Split Image
  Spring Fever
  Squizzy Taylor
  St. Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea
  The State Of Things
  Still of the Night
  Storia d'Amore e d'Amicizia
  A Stranger Is Watching
  Stuck on You!
  Summer Lovers
  Sweeney Todd
  The Sword of the Barbarians (Sangraal, la spada di fuoco)
  TAG: The Assassination Game
  Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang
  Tatort: Das Mädchen auf der Treppe
  Terror at Alcatraz
  That Championship Season
  The Big Pardon (Le grand pardon)
  This Is Kate Bennett
  Thou Shall Not Kill
  A Time to Die
  Time Walker
  Tomorrow's Child
  Tower of Lillies
  The Train Has Stopped
  Trouble in Tahiti
  Turkey Shoot (Escape 2000 / Blood Camp Thatcher)
  Tuxedo Warrior
  Two of a Kind
  Últimos Días de la Víctima
  The Unapproachable
  Une chambre en ville
  An Unsuitable Job for a Woman
  Vieni avanti cretino
  Wait Until Dark
  The Wall
  Waltz Across Texas
  Warriors of the Wasteland (The New Barbarians / I nuovi barbari)
  We of the Never Never
  A Wedding On Waltons Mountain
  What Makes David Run? (Qu'est-ce qui fait courir David?)
  Who Am I This Time?
  Who Dares Wins
  The Wild Women of Chastity Gulch
  Will, G. Gorden Liddy
  Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy
  The Wizard of Oz
  The World According to Garp
  The Year Of Living Dangerously
  Young Doctors In Love
  Youth of a Genius

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