November 1988 (view details)

11/4They Live
Child's Play
Distant Thunder
High Spirits
The Land Before Time

December 1988 (view details)

12/9Mississippi Burning
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Rain Man
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka
12/21Pelle the Conqueror
Hellbound: Hellraiser II
Working Girl
Dangerous Liaisons
Talk Radio

Undetermined 1988 Releases

  14 Going on 30
  18 Again!
  The 1930's Music, Memories & Milestones
  Aaron's Way: The Harvest
  Abierto de 18 a 24
  The Absent-Minded Professor
  The Accidental Tourist
  Action Jackson
  Aduefue: The Lords of the Street
  An Affair in Mind
  Alamo: The Price of Freedom
  The Alien Years
  Almost Grown
  Aloha Summer
  Alone in the Neon Jungle
  Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure
  Andy Devine: The Cat Story
  Angela & Angela (Angela come te)
  Appointment with Death
  Apprentice to Murder
  Arashi Ga Oka (Onimaru)
  Arthur 2 - On The Rocks
  The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank
  Baby M
  Bacall on Bogart
  Bachelor Girl
  Bad Dreams
  Baja Oklahoma
  The Beast
  The Beat
  Berlin Blues
  Beryl Markham: A Shadow On The Sun
  Beverly Hills Vamp
  Big Top Pee Wee
  Biloxi Blues
  Black Eagle
  Black Tulip
  Blanc de Chine
  Blazni a Devcatka
  The Blob
  Blood Delirium (Delirio di sangue)
  Blood Red
  Blood Relations
  The Boost
  Born to Race
  The Boy from Hell
  The Brain
  Brain Damage
  BraveStarr: The Legend
  Break of Dawn
  Bright Lights, Big City
  Broken Angel
  Burning Secret
  C.A.T. Squad: Python Wolf
  Call Me
  Camille Claudel
  The Case of Mr. Spalt
  Casual Sex?
  Cavalli si nasce
  A Cena col Vampiro
  Chance of a Lifetime
  Chari di Luna
  The Child Saver
  The Christabel
  The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
  Clean and Sober
  Clinton and Nadine
  Cocoon: The Return
  Cohen & Tate
  Consuming Passions
  Corps z'a corps
  The Couch Trip
  The Courier
  The Cover Girl And The Cop
  Cowboys Don't Cry
  Criminal Law
  Critters 2: The Main Course
  Crocodile Dundee II
  Cross Mission (Fuoco incrociato / Rage)
  Crossing Delancey
  A Cry in the Dark
  Dadah is Death
  Dance of the Damned
  Dangerous Curves
  A Dangerous Life
  Dark Bar
  The Dawning
  Day One
  Dead Heat
  Dead Man Out
  The Dead Pool
  Dead Ringers
  Dead Solid Perfect
  Deadly Stranger
  Death in the Seine
  The Deceivers
  Defense Play
  Demons III: The Ogre
  Der Lebensretter
  Desert Rats
  Dial Help
  The Diamond Trap
  Do Domu
  Doctor Hackenstein
  The Dog It Was That Died
  Doin' Time on Planet Earth
  Dominick And Eugene
  Don Matsugoro's Big Adventure
  Donna d'ombra
  Double Standard
  Down Where the Buffalo Go
  The Dreaming
  The Dressmaker
  Drop-Out Mother
  Drowning By Numbers
  Earth Girls Are Easy
  Earth*Star Voyager
  Eight Men Out
  El Secreto de Romelia
  Elvis in Clear River
  En Hundsaga
  Enligt Beslut
  Ernest Saves Christmas
  The Everlasting Secret Family
  Everybody's All American
  Evil In Clear River
  Fair Game
  Family Reunion
  Fatal Judgement
  The Fear
  Fear of Drowning
  A Few Days With Me
  Final Cut
  Final Run
  The Fog
  For Keeps
  For Queen And Country
  The Four Minute Mile
  Frank Nitti: The Enforcer
  Fraser Island - The Loggers' Story
  Freedom Fighter
  Fresh Horses
  A Friendship In Vienna
  The Fruit Machine
  Full Moon in Blue Water
  The Further Adventures Of Tennessee Buck
  Geteilte Liebe (Maneuvers)
  Ghosthouse (La Casa 3)
  Gli Angeli del Potere
  Gli Indifferenti
  God Bless the Child
  And God Created Woman
  Going To The Chapel
  The Good Mother
  Gore Vidal's Lincoln
  Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru No Naka)
  The Great Escape II: The Untold Story
  The Great Outdoors
  Grievous Bodily Harm
  Guriin Rekuiemu
  Hanna's War
  Haunted Summer
  Heartbreak Hotel
  Hero And The Terror
  The Heroes
  High Hopes
  Higher Ground
  The Hogan Family
  Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
  Honor the Sabbath Day
  Hot Men
  Hot Paint
  Hot To Trot
  The House of Usher
  The House on Carroll Street
  The Hustler of Money
  I Cammelli
  I Love N.Y.
  I Promessi Sposi
  I Saw What You Did
  I'm Gonna Get You Sucka
  Il piccolo diavolo (The Little Devil)
  Illegally Yours
  In A Shallow Grave
  In Extremis
  The In-Crowd
  Incident at Raven's Gate
  Inherit the Wind
  Inside Story
  Iron Eagle II
  Island of Lost Realities
  It Had To Be You
  It Takes Two
  It's Happening Tomorrow
  Itinéraire d'un Enfant Gâté
  Jackie Gleason: The Great One
  James Clavell's Noble House (Noble House)
  Jaune Revolver
  Jenny's Song
  The Jeweller's Shop
  Johnny Be Good
  Journey to Spirit Island
  Judgement in Berlin
  Just Ask For Diamond
  Just In Case
  Keys to Freedom
  Killer Instinct
  Killer Klowns from Outer Space
  A Killing Affair (My Sister's Keeper)
  King Of The Olympics
  The Kiss
  L'Homme Voile
  La donna della luna
  La Garconne
  La maison de jade
  La Maschera
  La partita (The Gamble)
  La Romana
  La table tournante
  Labyrinth of Flower Garden
  Lady Mobster
  The Lair of the White Worm
  Lake Lost
  Landscape in the Mist
  The Laser Man
  The Laserman
  The Last American Soldier
  The Last of England
  Last Rites
  The Laureate
  Le Dîner des Bustes
  Le Palanquin Des Larmes (The Palaquin of Tears)
  Le Testament D'Un Poete Juif Assassine
  Les Saisons Du Plaisir
  The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe
  Little Girl Lost
  Little Nikita
  Little Sweetheart
  The Little Thief
  Lluvia de Otoño
  Love At Stake (Burnin' Love)
  Love Bites Back
  Lucky Stiff
  The Man Who Didn't Want to Die
  Maniac Cop
  Married to the Mob
  Maybe Baby
  Meerkats, United
  Memories of Me
  Menace Unseen
  Messenger of Death
  Midnight Crossing
  The Mighty Kong
  Miles from Home
  Milk and Honey
  Miracle Mile
  Mircale Mile
  Misioni Përtej Detit
  Miss Arizona
  The Moderns
  Moon Over Parador
  Mortuary Academy
  Mother's Heart
  Mr. North
  The Murdered House (La maison assassinee)
  My Best Friend Is a Vampire
  My Father, My Son
  My First Love
  My Neighbor Totoro
  My Stepmother Is An Alien
  The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
  National Geographic: Land of the Tiger
  The Nature Of The Beast
  The Nest
  A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon
  A Night of Love
  Night Train
  Night Wars
  Nightmare At Bitter Creek
  Nightmare at Noon
  Nightmare Beach
  No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder
  Non aver paura della zia Marta (Non aver paura della zia Marta / The Murder Secret)
  Not Another Mistake
  Not of This Earth
  Not Since Casanova
  The Novice
  Off Limits
  Off-Road Warriors
  Oliver & Co.
  On Our Own
  Onassis: The Richest Man in the World
  Once Upon A Texas Train
  The One Game
  Open Admissions
  Operation Warzone
  Outback Bound
  Oznamuje se laskam vasim
  Paris by Night
  Paura e Amore
  The Penitent
  Pensieri Invadenti
  The People Across the Lake
  The Perfect Murder
  Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace
  Picasso Trigger
  A Place by the Sea
  Platoon Leader
  Police Story: Cop Killer
  Police Story: Gladiator School
  Police Story: Monster Manor
  Police Story: Watch Commander
  Powaqqatsi: Life in Balance
  Primo Baby
  The Prince of Pennsylvania
  The Prince of Terror
  Prisoner of Rio
  The Prisoner Of Rio
  Project Yankee
  Promised A Miracle
  Purple People Eater
  Queen Sacrifice
  The Raggedy Rawney
  Red Heat
  Reflections of Light (Riflessi di luce)
  Rented Lips
  The Rescue
  Return of the Killer Tomatoes!
  Return Of The Living Dead Part II
  Return To Snowy River
  Ricky I
  Rimini, Rimini - un anno dopo
  Rosso di Sera
  Run Till You Fall
  Running on Empty
  A Rustling of Leaves: Inside the Philippine Revolution
  Save The Dog
  Scandal In A Small Town
  Seven Hours to Judgement
  The Seventh Sign
  Shadow Dancing
  Shakedown On The Sunset Strip
  Short Curcuit II
  Short Film About Killing
  A Short Film About Love
  Side by Side
  Side Roads
  The Silence At Bethany
  Silent Night
  The Silk Road
  Slaughterhouse Rock
  Small World
  Snow White
  A Soldier's Tale
  Some Girls
  Something Is Out There
  The South
  Space Mutiny
  Spellbinder (Witching Hour)
  The Spider Labyrinth (Il nido del ragno)
  The Spider's Nest
  Splash, Too
  Split Decisions
  Stars and Bars
  State of Fear
  Steal the Sky
  Sternberg: Shooting Star
  Sticky Fingers
  Still Life
  Stones for Ibarra
  Stormy Monday
  Strange Interlude
  A Strange Place to Meet
  Stranger on My Land
  Street Of Dreams
  The Suicide Club
  A Summer Story
  Super Freak
  Sweet Hearts Dance
  Sweet Lies
  Switching Channels
  Tales from the Hollywood Hills: The Old Reliable
  A Taste for Death
  Taste of Life (Una botta di vita)
  Teen Vamp
  The Telephone
  Tequila Sunrise
  Tickets, Please
  Tidy Endings
  Tierra Sin Mal
  Tiger Warsaw
  Time of the Gypsies
  To Heal A Nation
  To Kill a Priest (Le Complot)
  Tokyo Pop
  Too Young the Hero
  Track 29
  The Tracker
  Trial and Error
  Tricks of the Trade
  Trois Places Pour Le 26
  The True Story of Frank Zappa's 200 Motels
  Tucker: The Man and His Dream
  The Turning Table
  Twice Dead
  Two Moon Junction
  Un Château au Soleil
  Un Coupable
  Una Vittoria
  Under the Bed
  Une Nuit A L'Assemblee Nationale
  Unfinished Business
  The Unholy
  The Unnamable
  Vampire at Midnight
  Vampire's Kiss
  A Very British Coup
  Vice Academy
  Video Murders
  Voices from the Attic
  The Wash
  Weekend War
  Where The Hell's That Gold?!!
  Wherever You Are
  A Whisper Kills
  Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
  Wonderland (The Fruit Machine)
  A World Apart
  Young Einstein
  Zakhmi Aurat
  Zelly And Me
  Zombi 3

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