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December 5 – 11, 2016

Day Older Theatrical Movies Formats Composers
Author: The JT LeRoy StoryDVDWalter Werzowa
The BFGBlu-ray / DVDJohn Williams
Better Off SingleBlu-ray | DVDKenneth Burgomaster
The Call UpDVDTom Raybould
Don't Think TwiceBlu-ray / DVD | DVDRoger Neill
EliminatorsBlu-ray | DVDClaude Foisy
The Fight WithinDVDWill Musser
For the Love of SpockBlu-ray | DVDNicholas Pike
The FrontierBlu-ray | DVDAli Helnwein
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (30th Anniversary Edition)Blu-rayLisa Dedmond
Steven A. Jones
John McNaughton
The HollarsBlu-ray | DVDJosh Ritter
I Am BoltBlu-ray | DVDIan Arber
In Order of DisappearanceBlu-ray | DVDBrian Batz
Kaspar Kaae
Kare Vestrheim
Jack Goes HomeDVDCeiri Torjussen
Jason BourneBlu-ray / DVD | DVDDavid Buckley
John Powell
Batu Sener (additional music)
Jason Bourne (4K Ultra HD)Blu-rayDavid Buckley
John Powell
Batu Sener (additional music)
KicksBlu-ray | DVDBrian Reitzell
The Late BloomerDVDWalter Murphy
Neither Heaven Nor EarthDVDEric Bentz
Francois-Eudes Chanfrault
Olympic Pride, American PrejudiceBlu-ray | DVDCheryl Rogers
On MeditationDVDGarth Stevenson
Craig Wedren
Ordinary WorldBlu-ray | DVDDickon Hinchliffe
Billie Joe Armstrong (songs)
Phantasm: RavagerBlu-ray | DVD-
The RemainsDVDGiona Ostinelli
SMART: Specialized Mobile Animal Rescue TeamDVDJohn W. Snyder
The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John BergerDVD-
The Secret Life of PetsBlu-ray / DVD | DVDAlexandre Desplat
The Secret Life of Pets (3D)Blu-rayAlexandre Desplat
The Secret Life of Pets (4K)Blu-rayAlexandre Desplat
SiRENDVDKristopher Carter
Spa NightDVD-
Trash FireDVDMichl Britsch
The UnspokenDVDMatthew Rogers
Other PeopleDVDJulian Wass

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