Composer Information

Franz Waxman

[Photo - Franz Waxman]
December 24, 1906
Konigshutte, Germany
February 24, 1967
Los Angeles, California

Best of the Year


[1967]  The Longest Hundred Miles
[1966]  Lost Command
[1964]  Peyton Place [TV Series]
[1963]  Arrest and Trial [TV Series]
 Kraft Suspense Theatre [TV Series]
 The Fugitive [TV Series]
[1962]  Hemingway's Adventures Of A Young Man
 My Geisha
 Taras Bulba
 The Virginian [TV Series]
[1961]  King Of The Roaring 20's - The Story Of Arnold Rothstein
 Return to Peyton Place
[1960]  Cimarron
 Sunrise At Campobello
 The Story Of Ruth
[1959]  Adventures in Paradise [TV Series]
 Beloved Infidel
 Count Your Blessings
 The Nun's Story
 The Twilight Zone [TV Series]
[1958]  Home Before Dark
 Run Silent, Run Deep
[1957]  Love In The Afternoon
 Peyton Place
 The Spirit Of St. Louis
 The Twentieth Century [TV Series]
[1956]  Back from Eternity
 Crime in the Streets
 Miracle In The Rain
[1955]  Gunsmoke [TV Series]
 Mister Roberts
 The Indian Fighter
 The Virgin Queen
[1954]  Demetrius and the Gladiators
 Elephant Walk
 Prince Valiant
 Rear Window
 The Silver Chalice
 This Is My Love
[1953]  A Lion Is In The Streets
 Botany Bay
 I, The Jury
 Man On A Tightrope
 Stalag 17
[1952]  Come Back Little Sheba
 Lure Of The Wilderness
 My Cousin Rachel
 Phone Call from a Stranger
[1951]  A Place in the Sun
 Anne of the Indies
 Decision Before Dawn
 He Ran All The Way
 Only The Valiant
 Red Mountain
 The Blue Devil
[1950]  Dark City
 Night And The City
 Sunset Boulevard
 The Furies
[1949]  Alias Nick Beal
 Johnny Holiday
 Night Unto Night
 Rope Of Sand
 Task Force
[1948]  No Minor Vices
 Sorry, Wrong Number
[1947]  Cry Wolf
 Dark Passage
 Nora Prentiss
 That Hagen Girl
 The Paradine Case
 The Two Mrs.Carrolls
 The Unsuspected
[1946]  Her Kind Of Man
[1945]  Confidential Agent
 God Is My Co-Pilot
 Hotel Berlin
 Objective, Burma!
 Pride Of The Marines
 The Horn Blows At Midnight
[1944]  In Our Time
 Mr. Skeffington
 The Very Thought Of You
 To Have And Have Not
[1943]  Air Force
 Destination Tokyo
 Edge of Darkness
 Old Acquaintance
[1942]  Her Cardboard Lover
 Journey For Margaret
 Reunion In France
 Seven Sweethearts
 Tortilla Flat
 Woman Of The Year
[1941]  Design For Scandal
 Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
 Honky Tonk
 The Bad Man
 The Feminine Touch
 Unfinished Business
[1940]  Boom Town
 Flight Command
 I Love You Again
 Sporting Blood
 Strange Cargo
 The Philadelphia Story
[1939]  Honolulu
 Lady Of The Tropics
 On Borrowed Time
 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
[1938]  A Christmas Carol
 Arsene Lupin Returns
 Dramatic School
 Port Of Seven Seas
 Test Pilot
 The Shining Hour
 The Young In Heart
 Three Comrades
 Too Hot To Handle
[1937]  Captains Courageous
 Personal Property
 The Bride Wore Red
 The Emperor's Candlesticks
[1936]  Absolute Quiet
 Don't Get Personal
 His Brother's Wife
 Love Before Breakfast
 Love On The Run
 Next Time We Love
 Sutter's Gold
 The Devil-Doll
 The Invisible Ray
 Trouble For Two
[1935]  Diamond Jim
 East of Java
 His Night Out
 Magnificent Obsession
 Remember Last Night?
 The Affair of Susan
 The Bride of Frankenstein
 The Great Impersonation
 Three Kids And A Queen
[1934]  Lilliom
 Mauvaise Graine
[1933]  Gruss und Kuss, Veronika!
 The Empress and I
 The Only Girl
[1932]  Das Erste Recht des Kindes
 Montparnasse Girl
 Scampolo, ein Kind der Strasse
[1931]  Looking for His Murderer
 Song of Life
[1930]  Das Kabinett des Dr. Larifari
 Murder for Sale

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