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Cleopatra Jones / Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold

Cleopatra Jones / Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold

Limited Edition of 3,000 Copies

Film Score Monthly (FSM Vol. 13 No. 6)

Release Date: April 26, 2010

Format: CD

Track Listing

Disc 1: Cleopatra Jones
1. CLEOPATRA JONES: Theme From Cleopatra Jones (The Mainstreeters, vocals Joe Simon) 3:43
2. The Wrecking Yard (Carl Brandt) 3:36
3. Love Doctor (Jackie Avery, vocals Millie Jackson) 2:54
4. Airport Flight (Carl Brandt) 2:15
5. Emdee (J.J. Johnson) 2:31
6. Desert Sunrise (J.J. Johnson) / Main Title Instrumental (Joe Simon) 2:55
7. It Hurts So Good (Phillip Mitchell, vocals Millie Jackson) 3:26
8. Goin' to the Chase (J.J. Johnson) 0:29
9. Go Chase Cleo (J.J. Johnson) 3:26
10. Cleo and Reuben (J.J. Johnson) 2:04
11. Wrap Up (Carl Brandt) 3:02
12. Theme From Cleopatra Jones / Instrumental (The Mainstreeters, Joe Simon) 4:53
13. Pot Burn / Mommy / Police Raid (Johnson, orchestrated by Carl Brandt) 1:08
14. Jimmy Pleads (Johnson/Brandt, orch. Brandt) 1:18
15. Airport Flight (Brandt) 2:52
16. Emdee 3:01
17. Elevator / Cleo and Captain (Brandt) 1:58
18. Ambush (Brandt) 1:38
19. Doodle Apartment 0:39
20. Soul Food 3:06
21. Karate Gag 0:52
22. Motorcycle Funk 3:50
23. Cleo and Reuben Love Theme 2:05
24. Chase Cassette 1:08
25. Cleo Chase 5:06
26. Before Crash 0:14
27. Snake Crib 1:50
28. Verbatim, Simon / Man From Glad (Brandt) 3:02
29. The Wrecking Yard (Brandt) / More Wrecking Yard (Johnson, orch. Brandt) / Wrap Up (Brandt) 8:38
  Disc Time: 77:39
Disc 2: Cleopatra Jones And The Casino Of Gold / Cleopatra Jones
2. Oynia 0:48
3. Here Comes Cleo 1:29
4. Cleo Leaves 0:58
5. Downtong 2:20
6. Room of Mirrors 1:21
7. Les Orgie 2:46
8. Fatman Stomp 1:41
9. You Must Believe Me / My Regulars 1:14
10. Hoe Down Car 1:47
11. Mr. Ling's Apartment / Enter the Studs 2:47
12. She's My Mother 2:42
13. Pool Hall Rock 2:41
14. Banjo Bike 1:00
15. Juke Box Blues, Pt. 1 and 2 1:16
16. Alley Rock 2:07
17. Turn Him Loose 0:42
18. Chopped Meat 0:55
19. Casino Source 2:11
20. Catch Cleo / Car Crash 4:19
21. Casino Fight 2:41
22. Dead Dragon Lady 3:23
23. End Title 1:17
25. Take Me Away (main title, alternate lyrics, version #1) 3:36
26. Take Me Away (main title, alternate lyrics, version #2) 3:36
27. CLEOPATRA JONES BONUS TRACKS: Theme From Cleopatra Jones (extended version) (The Mainstreeters, vocals Joe Simon) 4:46
28. Am I Blue (Roger Kellaway, performed by Pattie Brooks) 5:14
29. Swing Down Chariot (Roger Kellaway, performed by Pattie Brooks) 3:23
30. Theme From Cleopatra Jones (extended version, alternate vocal take) (Joe Simon) 4:46
  Disc Time:
Total Album Time:

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From the Manufacturer

The soundtrack to Cleopatra Jones (released on Warner Bros. Records) was a collaborative effort of two R&B artists from the Spring Records label, Joe Simon and Millie Jackson, and score composer J.J. Johnson (himself collaborating with Carl Brandt). Simon's "Theme From Cleopatra Jones" kicked off the LP and film with a groovy ode to Cleo's prowess, while two of Jackson's performances, "Love Doctor" and "It Hurts So Good," were taken from her concurrent record album for Spring. Combined with two additional (and previously unreleased) source cues by Roger Kellaway (sung by Pattie Brooks), the Cleopatra Jones soundtrack is a minor-masterpiece of the "symphonic funk" fusion that identified the genre.

Unlike most of the "blaxploitation" films, Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold did not involve an African-American recording artist—although you wouldn't know that by listening. Veteran composer Dominic Frontiere provided a pulsating, funky score with exotic instrumentation for the Far East setting (and martial arts action) in the best tradition of Lalo Schifrin's seminal Enter the Dragon, as well as a groovy title song, "Playing With Fire."

This 2CD set is a feast of Cleopatra Jones tracks: Disc one features the Warner Bros. Records album program to Cleopatra Jones followed by a new program of solely the dramatic score by J.J. Johnson and Carl Brandt (including several previously unreleased cues). Disc two features the complete Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold score by Dominic Frontiere, as well as bonus tracks of instrumental and alternate-lyrics versions of the main title. Disc two closes with additional selections from the first film: extended versions of the Joe Simon title song, as well as the aforementioned Roger Kellaway source cues.

The entire 2CD set is in excellent stereo sound, with liner notes by Scott Bettencourt.

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