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Lalo Schifrin

[Lalo Schifrin]
June 21, 1932
Buenos Ares, Argentina
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2007  Rush Hour 3*
 Ultrasordine [Short Film]
2006  Abominable*
2005  The Bridge of San Luis Rey
2004  After the Sunset
2003  Bringing Down the House
 The In-Laws (unused score)
2002  Tom the Cat
2001  Rush Hour 2*
2000  Longshot
1998  Rush Hour*
 Something to Believe In*
1997  Money Talks
 Scorpion Spring
1996  Manhattan Merengue!^
1993  The Beverly Hillbillies
 Danger Theatre [TV Series]
1991  F/X2*
 A Woman Named Jackie
 El Quijote de Miguel de Cervantes^
1990  Face to Face
1989  Return From The River Kwai*
 Fridays of Eternity
 Little White Lies
 Original Sin
 The Neon Empire
1988  Berlin Blues
 Earth*Star Voyager
 Little Sweetheart
 Mission: Impossible [TV Series]*
 Shakedown On The Sunset Strip
 The Dead Pool*
 The Silence At Bethany
1987  The Fourth Protocol*
 Out On A Limb [TV Movie]
 Sparly's Magic Piano
1986  Beverly Hills Madam [TV Movie]
 Black Moon Rising
 Kung Fu: The Movie
 The Ladies Club
1985  A.D. [Miniseries]*
 Bad Medicine
 Bridge Across Time [TV Movie]
 Bridge Across Time (Terror At London Bridge / Arzona
 Command 5
 Hollywood Wives
 Private Sessions
 The Mean Season*
 The New Kids
1984  Spraggue
1983  Doctor Detroit
 Princess Daisy
 Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess
 Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land
 Sudden Impact*
 The Osterman Weekend^
 The Sting II^
1982  A Stranger Is Watching
 Amityville II: The Possession
 Falcon's Gold
 Las Viernes De La Eternidad
 The Class of 1984
 Wait Until Dark
1981  Back to the Planet of the Apes
 Buddy Buddy
 La Pelle^
 The Chicago Story [TV Movie]
 The Seduction
1980  Brubaker*
 The Big Brawl (Battle Creek Brawl)*
 The Competition^
 The Nude Bomb
 When Time Ran Out
1979  The Amityville Horror*
 Boulevard Nights*
 Escape To Athena
 Institute For Revenge
 Love And Bullets
 The Concorde - Airport '79*
1978  Nunzio*
 Return From Witch Mountain
 The Cat fom Outer Space
 The Manitou
 The Nativity
 The President's Mistress
 The Presidentís Mistress [TV Movie]
1977  Day Of The Animals
 Good Against Evil
 The Eagle Has Landed^
1976  Brenda Starr
 Most Wanted [TV Series]^
 Sky Riders*
 Special Delivery
 St. Ives
 Voyage Of The Damned*
1975  Bronk [TV Series]
 Delancey Street: The Crisis Within
 Foster And Laurie
 Guilty Or Innocent: The Sam Sheppard Murder Case
 Starsky and Hutch [TV Series]^
 The Four Musketeers (Milady's Revenge)*
 The Master Gunfighter
1974  Golden Needles*
 Man on a Swing*
 Night Games [TV Movie]
 Petrocelli [TV Series]
 Planet of the Apes [TV Series]*
1973  The Exorcist (unused score)*
 Bang Bang
 Charley Varrick^
 Enter The Dragon*
 Harry In Your Pocket*
 Hunter [TV Movie]
 Magnum Force*
 The Neptune Factor
1972  Joe Kidd*
 Prime Cut
 The Wrath of God*
 Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol
1971  The Hellstrom Chronicle*
 Pretty Maids All In A Row*
 Dirty Harry*
 Earth II [TV Movie]^
 Mrs. Polifax - Spy
 The Beguiled^
 The Christian Licorice Store
 THX 1138*
1970  I Love My Wife
 Kelly's Heroes*
 Night Gallery [TV Series]
 Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You^
 The Aquarians
 The Mask Of Sheba^
 The Young Lawyers [TV Series]
1969  Che!^
 Eye Of The Cat
 Medical Center [TV Series]^
 The Young Lawyers [TV Movie]
1968  Bullitt*
 Coogan's Bluff*
 Eyewitness News [TV Series]
 Hell In The Pacific
 Mission: Impossible vs. The Mob
 Sol Madrid^
 The Brotherhood
 The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
 Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows!
1967  Cool Hand Luke*
 How I Spent My Summer Vacation
 Mannix [TV Series]*
 Murderers' Row
 Sullivan's Empire
 The Fox*
 The President's Analyst*
 The Venetian Affair^
 Who's Minding The Mint?
1966  Blindfold
 I Deal In Danger
 Jericho [TV Series]*
 Mission: Impossible [TV Series]*
 T.H.E. Cat [TV Series]
 The Doomsday Flight
 The Liquidator*
 Way, Way Out!*
1965  Dark Intruder
 Once A Thief^
 The Big Valley [TV Series]
 The Cincinnati Kid*
1964  Gone with the Wave*
 Joy House*
 National Geographic Specials [TV Series]
 See How They Run
 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. [TV Series]*
1963  Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre [TV Series]
1957  El Jefe
 Venga a Bailar el Rock
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