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Patrick Williams

[Patrick Williams]
April 23, 1939
July 25, 2018

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[2004]  The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story
[2003]  1st to Die
 Finding John Christmas
[2002]  Heart of a Stranger
 Just a Walk in the Park
 Monk [TV Series]
 Power and Beauty
 We Were the Mulvaneys
[2001]  Blonde
 Inside the Osmonds
 Just Ask My Children
[2000]  The Thin Blue Lie
 The Three Stooges [TV Movie]
 Yesterday's Children
[1999]  A Cooler Climate
 A Murder On Shadow Mountain
 A Song from the Heart (Music from the Heart) [TV Movie]*
 Jesus [Miniseries]*
 Kiss the Sky
 Miracle on the 17th Green
 Passion's Way
 Shake, Rattle and Roll: An American Love Story [TV Series]
 Switching Goals
 Take My Advice: The Ann and Abby Story
 Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke
[1998]  A Change of Heart
 A Knight in Camelot
[1997]  A Walton Easter
 Childhood Sweetheart
 Ed McBain's 87th Precint: Heatwave
 Heart Full of Rain
 Home Invasion
 Mother Knows Best
 Sisters and Other Strangers
 That Old Feeling*
[1996]  A Brother's Promise: The Dan Jansen Story
 A Weekend in the Country
 After Jimmy
 My Very Best Friend
 Never Give Up: The Jimmy V Story
 The Siege at Ruby Ridge
[1995]  Betrayed: A Story of Three Women
 Deadline for Murder: Frome the Files of Edna Buchanan
 Extreme [TV Series]
 Her Hidden Truth
 Kingfisg: A Story of Huey P. Long
 OP Center
 Saved by the Light
 The Grass Harp
 The West Side Waltz
[1994]  Accidental Meeting
 Because Mommy Works
 French Silk
 Getting Gotti
 Take Me Home Again
 The Corpse Had a Familiar Face
 The Gift of Love
 Twilight Zone: Rod Serling's Lost Classics
[1993]  Back Tie Affair [TV Series]
 Blind Spot
 Cutters [TV Series]
 Mercy Mission: The Rescue of Flight 771
 Murder in the Heartland
 Taking the Heat
[1992]  The Cutting Edge
 Back to the Streets of San Francisco
 Big Girls Don't Cry, They Get Even
 Columbo: No Time to Die [TV Movie]
 Danielle Steel's Jewels [TV Movie]
 Grave Secrets: The Legacy of Hilltop Drive
 Legacy of Lies
[1991]  Daughters of Privilege
 In Broad Daylight
 Keeping Secrets
 The Whereabouts of Jenny
[1990]  Columbo: Murder in Malibu [TV Movie]
 Decoration Day
 Good Night, Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston
 In the Spirit
 Love and Lies
[1989]  American Nuclear
 Columbo: Grand Deceptions [TV Movie]
 Columbo: Murder, a Self Portrait [TV Movie]
 Columbo: Murder, Smoke & Shadows [TV Movie]
 Columbo: Sex and the Married Detective [TV Movie]
 FM [TV Series]
 Night Walk
 The Simpsons [TV Series]
 Worth Winning
[1988]  Double Standard
 Eisenhower & Lutz [TV Series]
 Fresh Horses
 Maybe Baby
[1987]  Barringtons [TV Series]
 Kojak: The Prince of Justice
 Laguna Heat
 Mr. President [TV Series]
 The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd [TV Series]
 The Slap Maxwell Story [TV Series]
[1986]  Violets Are Blue
 Heart of the City [TV Series]
 Just Between Friends
 Oceans of Fire
 Spot Marks the X
 The Rig
[1985]  Seduced
 The Slugger's Wife
[1984]  All of Me
 Best Defense
 Empire [TV Series]
 Swing Shift
 The Buddy System
 Young Lust
[1983]  After MASH [TV Series]
 Marvin and Tige
 Mr. Smith [TV Series]
 The Fighter
[1982]  The Toy
 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
 Family in Blue
 Some Kind of Hero
 The Devlin Connection [TV Series]
 Tomorrow's Child
[1981]  A Girl's Life
 Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen
 The Miracle of Kathy Miller
 The Princess and the Cabbie
[1980]  Used Cars*
 How to Beat the High Cost of Living*
 Hero at Large
 How to Beat the High Co$t of Living
 It's My Turn
 Wholly Moses
[1979]  Breaking Away*
 Butch and Sundance: The Early Days*
 Hot Stuff
[1978]  Casey's Shadow
 Columbo: How to Dial a Murder [TV Movie]
 Columbo: Make Me a Perfect Murder [TV Movie]
 Columbo: The Conspirators [TV Movie]
 Columbo: Try and Catch Me [TV Movie]
 The Cheap Detective
 The One and Only*
 The Seniors
[1977]  Lou Grant [TV Series]
 The Andros Targets [TV Series]
 The Man with the Power
[1976]  Bert D'Angelo/Superstar [TV Series]
 Good Heavens [TV Series]
 Most Wanted
 The Tony Randall Show [TV Series]
[1975]  Crossfire
 Doc [TV Series]
 I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now
 Strowaway to the Moon
 The Lives of Jenny Dolan
[1974]  Love All Summer
 Mrs. Sundance
 Murder or Mercy
[1973]  Hitched
 The Magician [TV Movie]
 The Magician [TV Series]
 The Shrieking
[1972]  Hardcase
 Short Walk to Daylight
 The Bob Newhart Show [TV Series]
 The Streets of San Francisco [TV Series]
[1971]  Cannon [TV Series]
 Evel Knievel
 Funny Face [TV Series]
 Incident in San Francisco
 Terror in the Sky
 Travis Logan, D.A.
[1970]  Macho Callahan
 Mary Tyler Moore [TV Series]^
 San Francisco International
 The Headmaster [TV Series]
[1969]  A Nice Girl Like Me
 Don't Drink the Water
[1968]  How Sweet It Is!
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