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Lee Holdridge

March 3, 1944
Port-au-Prince, Hati
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[2013]  When Calls the Heart [TV Movie]
 The Prime Ministers
 The Confession [TV Movie]
[2012]  Liz & Dick [TV Movie]*
[2010]  Winston Churchill: Walking with Destiny*
[2009]  Brothers at War*
[2004]  10.5 [TV Series]
[2003]  American Valor
 Puerto Vallarta Squeeze
 Unlikely Heroes*
[2002]  American Family [TV Series]
 The Pilot's Wife [TV Movie]*
[2001]  Almost a Woman
 In Search Of Peace*
 The Mists of Avalon*
[2000]  By Dawn's Early Light [TV Movie]
 Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport*
 Kings of the Ring: Four Legends of Heavyweight Boxing
 Take Me Home: The John Denver Story
[1999]  Anya's Bell
 Atomic Train
 Blue Moon [TV Movie]
 Love Letters
 Sealed with a Kiss
[1998]  Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue [Direct to Video]*
 Her Own Rules
 Replacing Dad
 Two for Texas
[1997]  A Call To Remember
 A Christmas Memory
 Family Plan
 Into Thin Air: Death On Everest*
 The Long Way Home*
 The Twilight of the Golds [TV Movie]
[1996]  An Unfinished Affair
 London Suite
 Soul of the Game
 Star Command
 The Adventures of Pinocchio (songs)*
 The Little Riders
[1995]  The Tuskegee Airmen [TV Movie]*
 A Mother's Gift
 Buffalo Girls*
 Gunfighter's Moon*
 Jack Reed: One Of Our Own
 Nothing Lasts Forever
[1994]  Danielle Steel's A Perfect Stranger [TV Movie]
 Danielle Steel's Family Album [TV Movie]
 Jack Reed: A Search For Justice
 James A. Michener's Texas
 Prince Brat and the Whipping Boy [TV Movie]
 Roommates [TV Movie]
[1993]  Call of the Wild*
 Danielle Steel's Star [TV Movie]
 Jack Reed: Badge Of Honor
 Judith Krantz's Torch Song
 Killer Rules
 Robin Cook's Harmful Intent
[1992]  Dayo
 Deadly Matrimony
 In The Arms Of A Killer
[1991]  Danielle Steel's Changes [TV Movie]
 Face Of A Stranger
 Finding The Way Home
 Lucy & Desi: Before The Laughter
 Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love
 One Against The Wind*
 The Giant of Thunder Mountain*
 The Perfect Tribute
 The Return Of Elliot Ness
 The Story Lady
 The Summer My Father Grew Up
[1990]  Back to Hannibal: The Return of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn [TV Movie]
 Christine Cromwell: In Vino Veritas
 Christine Cromwell: Only The Good Die Young
 Daughter Of The Streets
 Huckleberry Finn
 The Dreamer of Oz*
[1989]  Old Gringo*
 A Mother's Courage: The Mary Thomas Story
 Christine Cromwell
 Do You Know The Muffin Man?
 Incident At Dark River
[1988]  Big Business
 14 Going on 30
 A Friendship In Vienna
 Fatal Judgement
 Higher Ground
 The Explorers: A Century of Discovery [TV Series]*
 The Tenth Man [TV Movie]*
[1987]  A Tiger's Tale
 Beauty and the Beast [TV Series]*
 Born In East L.A.
 Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion
 I'll Take Manhattan
 Walk Like A Man
 Young Harry Houdini
[1986]  The Men's Club
 16 Days of Glory^
 Adam's Apple
 Miracle Of The Heart: A Boy's Town Story
[1985]  Transylvania 6-5000*
 Letting Go
 Mafia Princess
 Moonlighting [TV Series]
 The Eagle and the Bear
 The Other Lover
[1984]  Micki & Maude
 He's Fired, She's Hired
 Shattered Vows
[1983]  A Carribean Mystery
 El Pueblo del Sol*
 First Affair
 I Want To Live
 Love Is Forever (Comeback)
 Mr. Mom
 Running Out
 Thursday's Child
 Wizards and Warriors^
[1982]  The Beastmaster*
 In Love With An Older Woman
 This Is Kate Bennett
 Thou Shall Not Kill
[1981]  300 Miles For Stephanie
 American Pop
 East of Eden [Miniseries]*
 Fly Away Home
 For Ladies Only
 Skyward Christmas
 The Day The Loving Stopped
[1980]  If Things Were Different
 Mother And Daughter - The Loving War
[1979]  Tilt
[1978]  And the Soul Shall Dance
 French Postcards
 Having Babies III
 Like Mom, Like Me
 Moment By Moment
 Oliver's Story
 The Other Side Of The Mountain - Part II
 To Kill A Cop
[1977]  Alaska: An American Child
 Code R [TV Series]
 Eight Is Enough [TV Series]
 Pine Canyon Is Burning
 Sunshine Christmas
 The Greatest
 The Hemingway Play^
 The Pack
[1976]  Forever Young, Forever Free (E'Lollipop)
 Gemini Man [TV Series]
 Goin' Home^
 Mustang Country
 Riding with Death
[1975]  Mahogany
 The Family Holvak [TV Series]
[1974]  Nothing By Chance
 Skyway To Death
 The Rangers
[1973]  Jeremy
 Jonathan Livingston Seagull^
[1972]  Another Part of the Forest
 Hec Ramsey [TV Series]
[1971]  Pigeons
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BSX Records

Released: 1975

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