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Michel Legrand

February 24, 1932
Becon les Bruyeres, France
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The Other Side of the Wind (2018)
Release Date: 2018


[2018]  The Guardians (Les Gardiennes)
[2016]  Max Rose (theme(s))
[2014]  La rancon de la gloire*
[2009]  Oscar And The Lady Pink
[2008]  Disco
[2006]  The Legend of Simon Conjurer
[2003]  And Now Ladies and Gentlemen
 Yantarnye Krylya
[2000]  The Blue Bycicle
[1999]  Doogy Bag
 La Bûche
[1998]  Madeline*
[1997]  Once Upon a Time… The Explorers [TV Series]
[1996]  The Ring*
[1995]  Aaron's Magic Village
 L'Universe de Jacques Demy
 Les Miserables
 The Children of Lumière
[1994]  Once Upon a Time… The Discoverers [TV Series]
 Ready To Wear (Pret-A-Porter)
[1993]  The Pickle
 The Young Girls Turn 25
[1991]  Dingo^
 Mountain of Diamonds
[1990]  Carnaval
 Gaspard et Robinson
 Le Retour
 Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less
 Pas de Deux
 Puerto Verde
 Sunday Pursuit
 The Island
 Tropical Gamble
[1989]  Eternity
 Five Days in June
[1988]  Switching Channels
 The Jeweller's Shop
 Trois Places Pour Le 26
 Un Coupable
[1987]  Casanova
 Children and the White Whale
 Club de Rencontres
[1986]  As Summers Die
 Once Upon a Time… Life [TV Series]
[1985]  Palace
 Partir Revenir
 Promises To Keep
[1984]  Micki & Maude (songs)
 Hell Train
 Peroles Et Musiques
 Secret Places
 The Jessie Ownes Story
 The Smurfs And The Magic Flute
[1982]  A Love In Germany
 Friend of the Family
 Le Revanche Des Humanoides
 Never Say Never Again*
 Once Upon a Time was the Space [TV Series]
 The Gift
 What Makes David Run?
[1981]  A Woman Called Golda
 Atlantic City
 Best Friends
[1980]  Falling In Love Again
 Lady Oscar
 The Hunter*
 The Mountain Men*
 Your Ticket Is No Longer Valid
[1979]  Je vous Ferai Aimer la Vie
 Les Fabuleuses Aventures Du Legendaire Baron Michausen*
[1978]  Il etait une fois... l'homme (Once Upon a Time... Man) [TV Series]
 La Belle Emmerdeuse
 Les Routes Du Sud
 My First Love
[1977]  Gulliver's Travels
 The Other Side of Midnight*
[1976]  Gable And Lombard^
 La Flute A Six Schtroumpfs
 Le Voyage De Noces
 Ode to Billy Joe*
 Robin and Marian (unused score)*
[1975]  Cage Without A Key
 Le Sauvage
 Sheila Levine Is Dead And Living In New York
[1974]  F For Fake
 It's Good To Be Alive
 Our Time
 The Three Musketers (The Queen's Diamonds)
[1973]  40 Carats
 A Doll's House
 Cops And Robbers
 L'Evenement Le Plus Important Depuis Que L'Homme A Marche
 La Ville-Bidon
 Le Gang Des Otages
 Le Temps de Vivre, le Temps d'Aimer [TV Series]
 Sur La Lune
 The Adventures of Don Quixote
 The Impossible Object
 The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (unused score)*
 The Nelson Affair
 The Outside Man (Un Joomme Est Mort)
 The Three Musketeers*
[1972]  Hearth Fires (Les feux de la chandeleur)*
 Lady Sings the Blues*
 One Is A Lonely Number^
 Portnoy's Complaint
 The Old Maid (La vieille fille)*
[1971]  Wuthering Heights*
 A Tome for Loving
 Brian's Song [TV Movie]^
 Donky Skin Peau D'Ane
 Rupan Sansei [TV Series]
 Summer of '42*
 The Go-Between
 The Swashbuckler
 Touch and Go
 Withering Heights
[1970]  Le Mans*
 Pieces And Dreams
 The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun
 The Magic Garden Of Stanley Sweetheart
 To Catch a Pebble
[1969]  Call Me Mathilde
 Castle Keep
 The Happy Ending*
 The Picasso Summer*
[1968]  A Matter Of Innocence (Pretty Polly)
 How To Save A Marriage And Ruin Your Life
 Ice Station Zebra*
 La Piscine
 Play Dirty
 Sweet November
 The Thomas Crown Affair*
 The Young Girls Of Rochefort (Les Demoiselles De Rochefort)^
[1967]  La Chinoise
 The Oldest Profession
[1966]  Et la Femme Créa l'Amour
 L'An 2000
 L'Homme à la Buick
 L'Or Et Le Plumb (Gold And Lead)
 Qui Etes-Vous Polly Maggoo?
 Tendre Voyou
[1965]  Code Name: Jaguar
 La Vie De Chateau
 Monnaire De Singe
 Quand Passent Les Faisans
 The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean
[1964]  Agent 38-24-36
 Band Of Outsiders
 Bay Of The Angels
 La Douceur Du Village
 Les amoureux du France*
 The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg)*
 Une Ravissante Idiote
[1963]  Illuminations
 L'Empire De La Nuit
 Le Grand Escroc
 Le Joli Mai*
 Love Is a Ball
 Maigret voit Rouge
[1962]  Cleo From 5 To 7 (Cleo De 5 A 7)
 Historie D'Un Petit Garcon Devenu Grand
 L'Amerique Lunaire
 Le Gentlemen d'Epsom
 My Life To Live
 Retour A New York
 Seven Capital Sins
 The Seven Deadly Sins (Les sept peches capitaux)*
[1961]  A Woman Is A Woman
 Keep Talking, Baby
 Le Cave se Rebiffe
 Un Coeur Gros Comme Ca
 Une Grosse Tête
[1960]  Jack of Spades
 L'Amerique Insolite
 Le Coeur Battant
 Les Portes Claquent
 Me Faire ca à Moi
 Terrain Vague
[1958]  L'Americain Se Detend
 Rafles sur la Ville
[1957]  Le Tripoteur
[1954]  Les Amantis Du Tage
[1953]  Beau Fixe
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