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Francis Lai

[Francis Lai]
April 26, 1932
Nice, France
November 6, 2018
Paris, France

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[2017]  Chacun sa vie*
[2015]  Un plus une (Un + une)*
[2014]  Salaud, on t'aime*
[2011]  D'un film a l'autre
[2010]  What War May Bring (Ces amours-la)
[2006]  Amore e liberta - Masaniello (theme(s))*
[2004]  Genre Humain 1
[2003]  Part-Time Cops
 Plastic Tree
[2000]  Les Insaisissables
[1999]  Une Pour Toutes
[1998]  Chance or Coincidence
[1997]  Le Serment sous la Lune
[1996]  Men, Women: A User's Manual
[1995]  Les Miserables
[1994]  The Thief and the Liar
[1993]  All That... For This?!
[1992]  La belle histoire*
 Stranger in the House
 The Beautiful Story
[1991]  Keys to Paradise
[1990]  I'll Be Going Now
 Il y a des Jours… et des Lunes
 Le Provincial
 My New Partner 2
[1989]  Disperatamente Giulia
 La Passion de Bernadette
 The Spirit
[1988]  Bernadette
 Itinéraire d'un Enfant Gâté
 Keys to Freedom
 The Novice
[1987]  Dark Eyes
 Association de Malfaiteurs
[1986]  A Man and a Woman: 20 Years Later
 Attention Bandits!
[1985]  A.I.D.S.
 AIDS: Love in Danger
 Astrolab 22 [TV Series]
 No More God, No More Love
[1984]  Canicule
 Here Comes Santa Claus
 My New Partner
[1983]  Edith and Marcel
 Les Uns et les Autres
 Salut la Puce
[1981]  Beyond the Reef
 Intimate Moments
[1980]  Les Borsalini
 Pig in the Middle [TV Series]
[1979]  An Adventure for Two
[1978]  Boarding School
 International Velvet
 Oliver's Story
 Robert et Robert
 The Small Timers
[1977]  Anima Persa
 Un Autre Homme, Une Autre Chance
 Widow's Nest
[1976]  Body of My Enemy
 If I Had to Do It All Over Again
 The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
[1975]  Cat and Mouse
 Emmanuelle 2
 The Babysitter
[1974]  And Now My Love
 By the Blood of Others
 Child Under a Leaf
 The Sex Symbol
 Un Amour de Pluie
 Visit to a Chief's Son*
[1973]  A Free Man
 Dans la poussiere du soleil (Dust in the Sun)*
 Happy New Year
[1972]  And Hope to Die
 L'Aventure, c'est l'Aventure
 Tom Thumb (Le petit poucet)*
[1971]  Early Morning
 Les Petroleuses (The Legend of Frenchie King)*
 Scandal Man
[1970]  Love Story*
 Berlin Affair*
 Rider on the Rain
 The Crook
 The Games
 The Love Mates (Madly)*
[1969]  Ein Abend zu Zweit
 Eyes Full of Sun
 Hannibal Brooks^
 Life Love Death
 Love Is a Funny Thing
 Rider in the Rain
 Three Into Two Won't Go*
[1968]  Grenoble
 House of Cards*
 Tender Moment
 The Lone She Wolf
[1967]  Action Man
 I'll Never Forget What's'isname
 Live for Life^
 Mon Amour, Mon Amour
 The Bobo*
[1966]  A Man and a Woman (Un homme et une femme)*
Key: * Has related album(s); ^ Has compilation album(s) only.

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