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Escape from L.A. - Vinyl Edition

Escape from L.A. - Vinyl Edition

Limited Edition of 1,500 Units

Real Gone

Release Date: June 2, 2017

Format: Vinyl

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Track Listing

Disc 1: Escape from L.A. - Vinyl Edition
1. SIDE A: Escape from New York
2. History of Los Angeles
3. Fire Base Seven
4. Snake Arrives/Deportees
5. Snake Gets Scratched
6. Defense Lab
7. Snake's Flashback
8. Weapons/Snake's Uniform
9. Snake's Escort
10. Submarine Launch
11. SIDE B: Sub Sinks
12. Mulholland Drive-By
13. Acid Rain/Tour Guide Sting/Snake Gets Directions
14. Sunset Boulevard Bazaar
15. Motorcycle Chase
16. Showdown
17. Push On Through/Snake Takes a Breather
18. Beverly Hills Surgeon
19. I Think We're Lost/Taslima
Disc 2: Escape from L.A. - Vinyl Edition
1. SIDE C: The Future Is Right Now/Fun Gun
2. The Black Box/Target L.A.
3. The Broadcast/The Coliseum
4. Decapitation/Game Time/The Game
5. Escape from Coliseum
6. Queen Mary/Hang Glider Attack
7. Helicopter Arrival
8. SIDE D: Texas Switch/Fire Fight
9. Escape from Happy Kingdom
10. Crash Landing
11. Out of Time
12. Presidential Decree
13. J.C.'s Blues
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