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Head - Deluxe Edition

Head - Deluxe Edition

Rhino Handmade

Release Date: October 26, 2010

Formats: CD, Vinyl

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Disc 1: Original LP / Bonus Material
1. Opening Ceremony
2. Porpoise Song (Theme)
3. Ditty Diego - War Chant
4. Circle Sky
5. Supplicio
6. Can You Dig It
7. Gravy
8. Superstitious¯
9. As We Go Along
10. Dandruff?
11. Daddy's Song
12. Poll¯
13. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again
14. Swami Plus Strings (Ken Thorne), Etc.
15. BONUS MATERIAL: Porpoise Song¯ (Theme) (Alternate Stereo Mix)
16. Ditty Diego - War Chant¯ (Alternate Stereo Mix)
17. Circle Sky (Alternate Stereo Mix)
18. Can You Dig It¯ (Peter's Vocal)
19. As We Go Along (Alternate Stereo Mix)
20. Daddy's Song (Remix with slow verse)
21. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again¯ (Alternate Stereo Mix)
22. Swami (Plus Strings, Ken Thorne), Etc.¯ (Alternate Stereo Mix)*
23. Happy Birthday To You¯ (Alternate Stereo Mix)*
24. Ditty Diego¯ (Session)*
Disc 2: Outtakes and Raritites
1. Head Promo - Coming Soon
2. Porpoise Song (Theme) (Mono Single Mix)
3. Ditty Diego - War Chant (Mono Mix)*
4. Circle Sky¯ (Mono Mix)*
5. Can You Dig It (Mono Mix)*
6. As We Go Along (Mono Single Mix)
7. Daddy's Song (Mono Mix)*
8. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again¯ (Mono Mix)*
9. Porpoise Song (Theme) (Rough Mono Mix)*
10. Ditty Diego (Alternate Version)*
11. Circle Sky (Alternate Mono Mix)*
12. Can You Dig It¯ (Peter's Vocal)
13. Daddy's Song¯ (Mike's Vocal)
14. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again (Rough Mix Acetate)*
15. Can You Dig It (Mono Movie Mix)*
16. Daddy's Song (Mono Movie Mix)*
17. Head Promo - Now Playing¯
18. Introduction To Live Show*
19. You Just May Be The One¯ (Live)*
20. Sunny Girlfriend'¯ (Live)*
21. You Told Me'¯ (Live)*
22. Circle Sky'¯ (Live)
23. California, Here It Comes*
Disc 3: Head Open-End Radio Interview Platter with Davy Jones
1. Circle Sky¯ (Excerpt)
2. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 1
3. Can You Dig It¯ (Excerpt)
4. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 2
5. Daddy's Song¯
6. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 3
7. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again
8. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 4
9. Porpoise Song¯ (Theme From Head)
10. Davy Jones Interview, Pt. 5
11. Can You Dig It¯ (Excerpt)
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* Previously Unissued

Rhino Handmade expands the superbly strange soundtrack, originally compiled by Jack Nicholson, as a three-disc boxed set that features 21 previously unreleased tracks, outtakes, rarities, and live performances, plus an entire disc containing a rare interview with Jones recorded in 1968 for radio broadcast. All those who pre-order, will receive a bonus 7″ that includes unreleased instrumental versions of 'Porpoise Song'¯ and 'As We Go Along.'¯ The collection comes in a 7″ x 7″ deluxe box with a mirrored finish like the original vinyl release.

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